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Runway to Tech-way

Fashion is still on our lips as New York Fashion Week has just come to an end and the international shows are just beginning. Whether they are aware or not, marketers are tremendously influenced by the fashion industry – from the color swatches that will permeate our work to the trends that will have an impact on consumer behavior. So it’s no wonder that the worlds of fashion and technology are meeting to fill the needs of young emerging fashionistas.  
Below you can find a list of the great fashion apps that demonstrate how the industry is not only doing a great job at understanding their consumers, but also utilizing data and mobile technology to increase engagement – and in some instances gain profit, such as LiketoKnow.it.
Lastly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that most of the new apps have been created for millennials, by millennials. 

Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive

Wouldn’t You 

Shopping via Instagram liking.

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Tinder for Shopping 

Your go-to destination for clothes shopping. 

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Cher Horowitz's 
Digital Closet 

Curating your whole closet into chic looks every day.

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Your Very Own 
Custom Fashion 

Turning your photo into a work of art.

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