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Social Media Week NYC 2014.

It is extremely hard to escape social media's ubiquity. Just the fact that you are reading this article proves we have grown comfortable with digital's consumption and production protocol. How many stories have you viewed or shared via the Internet today alone? 
Social Media Week 2014, more than just a week of trend discovery, was a time that constantly reaffirmed elements essential for a successful social media strategy. These are our five key takeaways:
1. We live in an attention-based economy. Attention is limited, so break through the noise.
2. Ways of capturing engagement constantly change, but in the end what we want are good stories.
3. “Content is King, but Distribution is Queen.” Never forget about your media strategy and investment.
4. Invest in measuring tools. Native versions are not enough. 
5. Create, test and learn from mistakes. Always ask yourself if you would share the content you are creating.

Marketers should re-prioritize their efforts if they plan on thriving in this attention-based economy. Managing your social media should be a lot like DJing: Make a great mix of content to keep the party going. To help, we've chosen five stories that illustrate the points above. Grab your dancing shoes.
Ernesto Fernández, Social Media Coordinator, @efcobela
Jesse Echeverria, Community Manager, @jesseechev

Consumer ADD. 

Quick tips on how to break through the clutter and catch your consumers’ attention.

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How Y’all Talk. 

NY Times most popular article in 2013 was written by an intern.

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Content + Media = 

Great ideas deserve a great media strategy.

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Going Beyond Native 
Measuring Tools. 

Just like Ellen knows how to crash Twitter, you need to know how to measure engagement. Look at the big "selfie" picture.

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Mistakes Lead the Way. 

The only way you can find what works is by testing. Don’t be afraid to fail.

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