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Redefining Gender Roles

Everybody has their own idea of who they are. However in the last decade, Latinas have stepped up with their mainstream counterparts to challenge societal expectations. They are redefining themselves as small-business owners: confident career women, proud moms, and have embarked on a journey of self-improvement. What we are seeing today is an overhaul of traditional gender roles, with increasing focus on true gender equality and mainstreaming the inclusivity of both male and female roles.
As marketers we need to keep this in mind, especially since we have grown comfortable targeting “Juggling Moms” and “Latina Moms” in categories where our male counterparts are now playing key roles, as their roles in society have expanded as well. Progress has been made in targeting general market dads vs. mocking them, so there is an opportunity to speak to the new Hispanic dad and reconsider the “macho-man” and “metro-macho” mindsets that have been prevalent for so long. It's about time.
Gabriela González, Sr. Strategic Planner

Sexism Illustrated 

In a thought-provoking book, Yang Liu depicts today’s gender stereotypes.

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Because gender equality is an issue both men and women need to talk about.

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#HowToDad Campaign 

Cheerios, again, took a bold step to recognize fatherhood without mocking dads.

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