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Consumers are pursuing increased interactivity for their
in-store and online retail experiences. Retailers and manufacturers are responding by blending technology, social media, and more dramatic shopping experiences. The result is what’s known as Digitail.
Digitail holds the promise of creating more rewarding and engaging retail experiences with consumers to incite brand preference and loyalty by mixing entertainment, technology, and retail.
Wegs, Executive Director of Insights & Innovation

Watch it, like it, buy it

Technology, entertainment, and retail are colliding in today’s world. People can click on a music video to bring up what the artist is wearing and will be taken to the online store to buy the outfit right then and there.
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Vending machine sells only to people of certain age

Vending machines are starting to use facial recognition technology to be able to determine if a person is actually allowed to buy the product in reference.
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Try on new clothes - virtually

Body mapping technologies can get an exact read on your body’s measurements and match those to the exact dimensions of a garment, allowing you to find the perfect fit for you while shopping online.
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Shop for groceries on your phone

More and more grocery stores are testing virtual storefronts that enable people to shop for groceries on their phones.
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