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The Evolution of M.D.

Social fever is something even doctors can’t prevent. As social media has evolved to play
a greater role in our lives, we've seen how different industries utilize it. Lifesaving healers
have now joined us in the sharing obsession. 
Today, surgeons are displaying their miracle work in real time. This new ritual has catapulted hospitals into the spotlight, and it seems to be spreading. 
We applaud the medical field for introducing a truly new way to break into the social world.
This may be the beginning of numerous shared operations that could help educate potential patients and fellow doctors alike.
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Photos of brain 
surgery get pinned. 

This hospital posts tweets, adds video clips to YouTube, and pins photos on Pinterest while the surgeon performs
brain surgery.

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Live-tweeted surgery reached 14.5 million. 

It’s not brain surgery. Well, it actually is, and it’s on Twitter.
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Hospital tweets 

This hospital had a team devoted to sharing this procedure on their social networks. A live broadcast of the surgery was on ustream, and questions were answered on Twitter.

Open-heart surgery 
goes social. 

The patient receives lifesaving surgery inside the operating room. The eager Twitter “on-lookers” receive updates on
the surgery outside the O.R.
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