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Wellth is Wealth

A balanced lifestyle has become the new achievement, simply put in one word: wellness.
We know that “work hard, play hard” is unsustainable, making wellness more valuable than ever. So not only do we seek to be physically healthier, we want to be mentally and spiritually better, more productive and ultimately happier.
The notion of well-th is here to stay, as people demand goods and services around this emerging holistic wellness value proposition. Clean slate or not, 2015 will be the year to redefine ourselves – but most importantly, to find a new harmony between work and life.
Here’s to our best year yet… Happy and Well-thy 2015!

Elsa I. González, Strategic Planner

Wellness Has 
Gone Mainstream 

Watch for wellness far beyond food.

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Data-Driven Tips for 
Successful New Year’s 

Yes, there’s an app for that, and the quantification of this data might be the answer to (finally!) accomplishing our resolutions. 

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Wellness Trends

2015 Wellness Trends 

Expect for many of these to grow in 2015.  

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