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The Evolution of Pinterest 

Some people would describe Pinterest as a collection of vision boards, a way to share ideas through social media, or even a way to digitally hoard things that you want or plan to do. While it may be all of those things, it has also become a great opportunity for retailers big and small to increase visibility and sales.
Whether you are a huge national retailer like Nordstrom or Target, which are excellent at utilizing Pinterest, or a small one-person shop on Etsy, Pinterest has become an excellent tool for driving traffic to websites and sharing products in a new light. With products appearing on friends’ boards like “Wish List” or “Best Beauty Finds,” the word-of-mouth factor really goes a long way. And now there is even a price feature on items, as well as more information for individual items, recipes, etc., when a Rich Pin is set up – it is only a matter of time before you can purchase from Pinterest directly, just as you can like, share and “pin” items. 
Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive 

Pinterest's Evolution 
Into a Shopping 

Pinterest’s latest retail move has been updating its “Gifts” category to make it a better browsing and shopping experience.

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Retailers Using 

Target Awesome Shop – Target has made its own sort of “Pinterest board” within the website, sharing which of their products currently have “top pins”. Target also says that they have seen a 70% increase since rolling out Rich Pins in 2013.

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How Pinterest Drives Sales 

How Pinterest drives e-commerce sales in relation to other social media sites. Kinda makes you want to open an online store, doesn’t it?

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