Bitter Lemon Press Newsletter September 2015
"The twist-filled plot careens through Istanbul as unpredictably as the traffic…" Publishers Weekly
“This is flinty, quirky crime writing from Poland with a pungent sense of locale and a nicely jaded protagonist in Szacki, the past-his-sell-by-date prosecutor.” Crime Time
"Melo gives a hard-line Brazilian kick to an old crime novel scenario, creating a pared-down, fast-action and truly noir thriller with an ending you would not expect." Crime Time
Betty Boo by Claudia Pineiro is scheduled for January 2016. Our fourth by South America's best-selling crime writer. Argentina's Patricia Highsmith some say. We don't disagree.


Welcome to our September 2015 Newsletter

Read about our novels out now, see their reviews, and read about forthcoming publications, rights recently acquired and events planned for this autumn. The Frankfurt Book Fair is around the corner. A sort of Iron Man event for ageing publishers: we will be tweeting all the gossip we hear and posting the odd Instagram image so you can be there with us, at least virtually.

Books in the News

Esmahan Aykol's Divorce Turkish Style is out this month.  Aykol brings back German born/Turkish adopted Kati Hirschel for the third time in a wonderful English translation. Kati is the proud and inquisitive owner of Istanbul's only crime bookshop. She investigates a suspicious  death in a world of arranged marriages,  express divorces and sudden violence.   "If you aren't familiar with Kati, think a younger German-in-Turkey Miss Marple mingled with the delicious informality of The No1 Ladies Detective Agency." Book Bag

And on the Radio

BBC Radio 4's Reading Europe 
will be broadcasting a dramatisation of the Polish crime novel Entanglement by novelist  Zygmunt Miloszewski in two parts: October 11 and October 18, at 3pmThe morning after a gruelling psychotherapy session in a Warsaw monastery, Henryk Telak is found dead, a roasting spit stuck in one eye. The case lands on the desk of State Prosecutor Teodor Szacki. World-weary, suffering from bureaucratic exhaustion and marital ennui, Szacki feels that life has passed him by, but this case changes everything. "The character of Prosecutor Szacki has enough charisma and complexity to give competition to the likes of Micael Blomkvist and Rob Ryan" said Foreward Reviews. 

Zygmunt Miloszewski will also be interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Front Row at 7.15pm on October 9.

 A Grain of Truth is the second in the Szacki series published by Bitter Lemon Press.
 Szacki investigates a killing bearing  the hallmarks of a legendary Jewish ritual slaughter, prompting a wave of anti-Semitic paranoia in the misleadingly picturesque town of Sandomierz.

The Body Snatcher by best-selling Brazilian author Patricia Melo was released in July, a tale of drug dealing gone wrong, police corruption and macabre blackmail, set in a heat-soaked town in the vast untamed Brazilian lowlands bordering Bolivia. "The sly, existential narrative provides a revealing look at contemporary Brazil, police corruption, and the shadow side of man’s psyche" said Publishers Weekly. 

We have just acquired the rights to a German crime novel called Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions. Thoroughly sick of life, Poldi moves from Bavaria to Sicily in order to drink herself to death with a sea view.  But before hard liquor and depression get the better of her, fate intervenes with a mission. She becomes a potential suspect in a murder case, falls in love with the police inspector in charge and takes over the investigation. Sicily is all about good food, loving sex and casual crime. All ingredients in this very funny and charming debut crime novel by Mario Giordano to be published in 2016. 

Mario Giordano will be speaking in London this November 10 at 7pm on a panel of German and British crime writers including Mechthild Borrmann, Michael Ridpath, chaired by Katharina Hall (Swansea University). Venue: Goethe-Institut, Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7. Sponsor: New Books in German. Admission free, booking essential t: 020 7596 4000 or e: 

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