Bitter Lemon Press  Newsletter February 2017
"Stratos Gazis is a caretaker or, as you and I might say, a hitman. Very professional. Very cool. A tasty gulp-down thriller where there are more plot-twists than courses in a hot and spicy Greek meze". CrimeTime
 “Overlaid with a rich smoky patina, an atmosphere that reeks of slums and riches, cigar smoke and exotic perfumes.” Independent 
"This hauntingly insightful and sensitive bestseller goes straight to heart of the greatest mystery of writing about crime: the why." Guardian 
Athenian Blues by Pol Koutsakis

 Athenian Blues is out now in Europe and will be available in April in North America. The is the first in the Stratos Gazis crime series. It is a debut crime novel by one of Greece’s rising literary stars. Pol Koutsakis is a prize-winning playwright, screenwriter and novelist. To buy click HERE.

"It's hard to resist this hero, a freelance killer who describes himself as "a kind of social worker, except I get properly paid." Kirkus Reviews 

        "Stratos hates being called a hitman. He takes care of problems. Permanently. Problems that people pay handsomely to have solved. His clients don’t want to know the details, but Stratos is conscientious. He will only take on a job if his research shows that the targets deserve their fate. 
      In the midst of the Greek crisis, this film-noir loving assassin takes on the highest-profile case of his career. The most celebrated lawyer in Greece and his beautiful actress wife both bid for his services, but which one is telling him the truth? 

Athenian Blues is a hugely enjoyable, captivating read.” -- Sharon Bolton, author of the Lacey Flint series 

"Koutsakis effectively translates the half-lit, morally ambiguous milieu of film noir to seedy modern-day Athens. Noir fans will look forward to the next installment." Publishers Weekly

Book to Screen News

Leonardo Padura: 4 Seasons in Havana is a mini-series now on Netflix and is based on the Havana Quartet by Leonardo Padura. Havana Blue, Havana Red, Havana Black and Havana Gold were all published by BLP over the years to great acclaim.  
The TV series follows the adventures of Detective Mario Conde in the 90's as he fights the dark underbelly of Havana, a city full of colour, music, sensuality, noise, crime, and corruption.  You can watch the trailer HERE.
 "Few writers understand noir as well as Padura, and far fewer convey Cuba with such grit and sensuality." Playboy

The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr: this wonderful literary thriller we published a few years back is the basis of TV series just picked up by USA Networks. 
The first look at Jessica Biel as a killer without a cause in the crime series is in this stunning TRAILER just released.  Starring alongside the Texas Chainsaw Massacre star is Bill Pullman (Independence Day, While You Were Sleeping) as an investigator who gets caught up in her story. Biel is also executive producing.
"The best psychological suspense novel I have read all year" Daily Telegraph

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