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Justice Contact Update

May 2021

Spirituality and Charism Reflection

Lift my drooping eyelids this day from the slumber of the unawakened, so that I might see you in the vastness of the universe, in the busy work of the ant, in the awesome beauty of the flower, in the ordered cycles of the seasons and in all I shall encounter.

Your visionary son Mohammed reminds me this day, O God, that I am a sleepwalker who wanders through life with eyes closed to the glory of your presence.

Oh, that I might be awakened this day to how your glory fills all of heaven and earth, the temple where you have chosen to dwell. May I treat with profound reverence each blade of grass and the earth beneath my feet, the food and drink that nourish me and every person whose path shall cross mine. May I honor everything that lives and breathes.

Answer this pray, as I bow before you, so that I need not wait until death to behold your divine face, to feel your embrace and to live in your blessed presence. As your son, St. Benedict, once said,“It is time now for us to rise from sleep.”

Adapted from “Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim” by Edward Hays

What AWAKENS in your heart when you reflect on this prayer?

Take a walk in your surroundings notice the biodiversity…gift of the Creating Energy at the heart of all life. Listen to their heartbeat…heart of the Holy One is beating all around you.

How does this prayer challenge you towards the call to universal responsibility for each other?

Is there any way in which these days of remembrance link for you: Worker’s Day, Bio-Diversity Day and Africa Freedom?

“As we encroach on nature and deplete vital habitats, increasing numbers of species are at risk. That includes humanity and the future we want.” UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Spirituality and Charism Committee
resentation Sisters, Terry Abraham, Maria Lazzaro, & Dorothy Scesny

Programme Action Leader Update

“Each one of us matters, has a role to play, and makes a difference. Each one of us must take responsibility for our own lives, and above all show respect and love for living things around us, especially each other.”

Jane Goodall

In the month of April, IPA honoured the anniversary of Nano Nagle’s death. Nano Nagle, our Presentation foundress, was a woman filled with love, zeal, compassion, respect, and a deep connection with the Divine. As I reflected on her life, I found myself focusing on her devotion to contemplation as spent spend hours each day in prayer. This was profound for me, as I often focus on Nano’s constant presence to those most in need in her local context.

As we continue to work for justice and peace in our hearts, minds, and world, I hope we can also remember Nano’s example of contemplation and action. Her stillness and prayer lead her to build schools. I can only imagine Nano sitting or kneeling in prayer at night, remembering her day, and all the people she encountered. Her ministry with the children would have led her to see hunger, sickness, and poverty in all forms. She would have brought these injustices to prayer and discerned the next path and steps forward.

Without contemplation, our action can lose focus and passion. We can forget the faces of the people we encounter, who are the very people who set our hearts on fire for justice. With contemplation, our action can be grounded, centered on others, and bring forth a more just and peaceful world.

Without action, our contemplation can lose focus. We can become lost in our own theological and/or philosophical world. Our prayer can become self-serving instead of self-giving. With action, our contemplation can be grounded and include the faces of those we encounter in our daily lives.

I had the privilege of gathering with IPA Justice Contacts this past month. We gathered in small groups and part of our sharing included what inspires/sustains us as we work for justice as Presentation People. Each IPA Justice Contact is a wonderful example of someone embodying the spirit of contemplation and action as they work for justice and peace. It is a blessing to journey with each of them and all Presentation People.

May we continue to embody love, zeal, compassion, respect, and a relationship with the Divine as Presentation People this month, and always.

In peace and gratitude,

Mary Therese Krueger, PBVM
IPA Programme Action Leader

IPA NGO Representative Update

Dear friends,

The Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) is the principal global platform for policy dialogue on development cooperation. Discussions are reality-based, action-oriented and results-focused. Convened by the President of ECOSOC, the Forum is open to all Member States and engages all stakeholders, including civil society, private sector, Parliamentarians, local authorities, international and regional organizations and development banks.

The 2021 Development Cooperation Forum High-level Meeting (6-7 May 2021), held virtually, will aim to advance international development cooperation that reduces risk, enables recovery and builds resilience in the COVID-19 period and beyond, as well as to inspire a wave of innovative policies including:

  • Navigating the risk landscape through development cooperation;

  • Strengthening health systems and infrastructure for vulnerable countries;

  • Addressing the dual challenge of pandemic recovery and the climate emergency;

  • Enhancing regional development cooperation to support science, technology and innovation.

The DCF outcome will shape the role of development cooperation in the Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals. The DCF promotes inclusive solutions for more effective development cooperation in all its forms – financing, capacity support and policy change. It supports efforts toward the coherent implementation of the 2030 and Addis Agendas, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework. And it puts the needs and priorities of those with the least resources and weakest capacities at the centre of its efforts in order to:

  • Produce actionable policy guidance for Member States and other actors on development cooperation;

  • Give strategic direction and add value to the multilateral dialogue on development cooperation by providing official inputs into the High-Level Political Forum and Financing for Development processes while also contributing to other intergovernmental processes;

  • Document and disseminate evidence to support innovative polices and uptake of best practices; and

  • Facilitate learning, knowledge-sharing and opportunities for collaboration among actors.

Registration is now open! You can register here.

You can find the DCF draft programme here.

A flyer of the 2021 Development Cooperation Forum can be found here. Feel free to share it with your local networks.

A friendly reminder that the Multi-stakeholder forum on science, technology and innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals will take place from 4 to 5 May 2021. Relevant information will be made available by the UN at a later date. Please check here for updates. The Forum will provide inputs for the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development to be held later in July.

Stay safe everyone!!


Dr. Despoina Afroditi Milaki
IPA NGO Representative at the UN

Grassroots Updates

Presentation People and Mother Earth Day

Click the image above to see “Cry of the Earth” Quotes written by Sister Pushpa Lalitha Anthonyumutu, North India Justice Contact.

Mother Earth Poems from North India

Anima Lakra, PBVM & Keerthana Anthony Samy, PBVM; North India

Aberdeen Presentation Sisters Pat Prunty and Pam Donelan picking up trash for Earth Day.

The Lixnaw Bog

“The Sisters in understanding their responsibilities to all in respect of Climate Change began the task of conserving and preserving Lixnaw Bog. Being outside the areas of ‘designated conservation status’ meant that all costs were and are borne by the Presentation Sisters of the South West Province.” - Brian O’Toole, Ireland and England Justice Contact

Read more here

Anniversary of Nano Nagle’s Death

Anniversary of Nano's Death Celebration 2021

Watch the celebration of the Anniversary of Nano Nagle’s Death at the Garden of Oneness in Zambia. The women are singing songs they wrote and composed about Nano Nagle in their local language.

Nano Nagle’s Experience of Cultural Diversity in Her Early Years

Sr Mary O'Brien: Nano Nagle’s Experience of Cultural Diversity in her Early Years

Sister Mary O'Brien, PBVM: Nano Nagle’s Experience of Cultural Diversity in Her Early Years - Nano Nagle Place Webinar on 26 April 2021

In November 2021, Ireland will be reviewed in the 39th Session and together with the Christian Brothers Ireland, Our Lady of Apostles Ireland and the Presentation Interprovincial Justice Desk (Brain O’Toole), Ireland they worked on our joint submission from January 2021 to the March 22nd deadline. They came together and wrote on Human Trafficking, The Rights of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and Domestic and Gender Based Violence. They have submitted and will begin a process of lobbying later in the year that will involve influencing the other UN missions in Geneva to press the Irish Government on the recommendations that come from our submission.

Read their submission here

Our Journey Towards Justice

Dubuque Presentation Justice Promoters Team share their “Journey Toward Justice” for the month of April.

Click here for the PDF & Click here to learn more on how the Dubuque Justice Promoters are working towards the IPA UN Advocacy Focus of the “Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children”.

The Sustainable Development Goals as a Way to Building Back Better

Brian O’Toole, Ireland & England Justice Contact write an article for the National Justice And Peace Network (UK) on the SDGs for their Summer Newsletter in advance of his SDGs Workshop Presentation in Swanwick in late July.

Click here to read the article

Mentors in Violence Prevention Training

Courageous Conversations: Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Training

Mentors in Violence Prevention Training Webinar was hosted by the Dubuque Presentation Sisters’ Nonviolence Promise Group and facilitated by Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D., Director of the Center for Violence Prevention and Mentors in Violence Prevention Leadership Institute at the University of Northern Iowa, USA.

Click here to read the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the sale and sexual exploitation of children, including child prostitution, child pornography and other child sexual abuse material, Mama Fatima Singhateh*
Virtual High-Level Event on Fraternity, Multilateralism and Peace Sponsored by the Holy See Mission

Upcoming Webinars

4 May - “How Climate Change Fuels Gender-Based Violence: Zooming in on Tools and Data for Gender Responsive Early Warning Systems and Effective GBV Early Action Interventions” (Gender-Based Violence AoR) - Register here

7 May - Monthly Laudato Si’ Prayer Service (GCCM) - Register here

12 May - “Strength to Strength: Global Solidarity to End Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia” (The Stephen Lewis Foundation) - Learn more & register here

15 May - “Families in Development: Copenhagen & Beijing + 25” - 10:30-11:45 AM New York time - Learn more

22 May - “Art-Lab for Human Rights and Dialogue” (UNESCO & OHCHR) - 4PM-5PM, UTC+2 - Learn more

27 May - IPA Justice Contacts Meeting (IPA Team) - 12:30PM Ireland time

1 June - “Called to Respond: Sharing Together the IPA Challenges and Opportunities in the COVID-19 Era” (IPA Team)

4 June - Monthly Laudato Si’ Prayer Service (GCCM) - Register here

Upcoming Dates

3 May - World Press Freedom Day - Learn more

4-5 May - Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals - Learn more

6-7 May - 2021 Development Cooperation Forum - Learn more and register

8 May - World Migratory Bird Day - Learn more

15 May - International Day of Families - Learn more

16 May - International Day of Living Together in Peace - Learn more

16 May - International Day of Light - Learn more

20 May - World Bee Day - Learn more

21 May - World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development - Learn more

29 May - International Day of UN Peacekeepers - Learn more

30 June-2 July - Generation Equality Forum - Learn more

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