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Prius Vehicle Spotlight

Toyota Prius

Trending Operating Cost (With Fuel) for Compact Gas Sedan vs. Prius

The graph above shows Prius trending operating cost per mile against compact gas sedans, such as the Ford Focus or the Chevy Cavalier. For more information about the Prius's performance against its gas counterparts, contact Utilimarc here.

Compact Gas Engine

Avg. Annual Mileage: 8,869 Miles
Avg. Miles Per Gallon: 24.4 MPG 
Avg. Annual Unit Age: 5.9 Years
Avg. Annual Parts and Labor Cost: $1,611.19  

Toyota Prius

Avg. Annual Mileage: 11,249 Miles
Avg. Miles Per Gallon: 43.8 MPG
Avg. Annual Unit Age: 3.9 Years
Avg. Annual Parts and Labor Cost: $893.44   
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