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The June Calendar

Giveaway Winners

In April, we gave away 10 signed copies of Knights of Virtue by J.A. Giunta. Thank you to everyone that entered, and we are finally getting the chance to share the winners:

Myles Reinhart
Amber Gallagher
Gina Kertesz
Tasha Funk
Ronald Tobin
Jeremy LaMastus
Renee Grandinetti
Josie Rios
Tiffany Meuret
Jacob gordon
Daniela Wade

We are also announcing another FREE BOOK 2018 GIVEAWAY

 Brick Cave Media is giving away 10 SIGNED copies of Collars and Curses, by author Sharon Skinner.

Winning is easy- CLICK HERE BEFORE June 27th to enter.

The winners will be drawn and posted to the Brick Cave Blog Friday, June 29th, and the books mailed to the winners upon our return from the 4th of July Holiday, July 6th!

Thank You for a great start to the year

Something from a member of the staff to share with your this month.

The Reviews:

Five Star Review
"What a page turner. Everything started off with a bang, pun intended, and the race to the finish never slowed down. Every chapter I read made me want to get into the next." -Adal McCloud

New Release: flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries) by Bill Campana

ISBN-13: 9781938190414
Genre: Poetry
Format(s): Paperback
Pages (Print Edition): 152

Always the wizard with words, Bill Campana releases his 4th book of poetry filled with observations of the folly of man, Haiku sharp enough for a sewing machine and the first ever released collection of Deviant Words, which you'll just have to read to believe. Here's a taste:

cessparilla- a brown soft drink brewed from roots grown near a septic tank.

Go ahead, order a copy, you want to read the rest.

New Release: Supernal Dawn by J.A. Giunta & Sharon Skinner

Pages (Print Edition): 310
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-13: 978-1938190421

The discovery of alien artifacts across the world brought humanity together. Activating the pillars threatened to tear the world apart. The resulting vibrations did more than rumble the earth. It altered DNA, changed ordinary people into supers.

Governments were quick to step in, to quarantine and control. The affected were a threat. Civilians were never meant to have real power.

For Lee that meant choosing between the family that betrayed him and the agency offering to train him. But Ember’s loyalties were divided between the brother she’s lied to all her life and the family sworn for generations to protect the Nexus – the largest convergence of ley lines on the planet.

The path ahead would not be easy.

It was a time of beginnings, for new powers to arise. The age of heroes was upon us…

A Supernal Dawn.

New Release: Glow Gems For Profit by Bruce Davis

Pages (Print Edition): 276
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-13: 978-1938190452

Zack Mbele, captain of the independent freighter Profit, needs cash fast. There’s a loan payment due on the ship, not to mention a bogus Customs duty imposed by a crooked official. They’ll seize his ship if he doesn't pay up and he has few prospects. 

When an old friend calls with a lead on a job, Zack isn’t too picky about obeying the letter of the law. All he has to do is smuggle someone out of Highpoint, a huge space station orbiting between the Earth and the Moon. 

It's not all that easy, as a beautiful assassin and the Red Dragons gang complicate things. Suddenly Zack is involved in a maze of double-cross and murder as he races the Dragons and a shadowy para-military army for the greatest prize of all.

New Release: Thieves Profit by Bruce Davis

Pages (Print Edition): 252
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-13: 9781938190445

Zack Mbele has a problem. The Profit is in hock for repair costs and Kwai Chang Wu, a mobster, has bought the bank that holds the note. Either he does a job for Wu, or he’ll lose his ship.

Just to make matters worse, someone is after his friend, Rabbit, and the Dragons, another mob, are involved somehow. And if that wasn’t enough, Duce’s friends are being hurt as well; and Cleo, his ex-wife and half owner of the Profit, is up to something and he can’t figure out what.

And who is the sinister, tall man and what’s his role in all of this?

The body count keeps mounting as Zack tries to solve the puzzles while staying alive.

The third exciting installment in the popular Profit Logbook series.

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In Plain Site

Some of the recent articles posted on the website.

And That's A Wrap!

We'll see everyone soon!

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