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The September Calendar!

Welcome back Brick Cave fans! Once again we have big news to share with you. From events to new reviews and more! Let's get started.

Sharon Skinner will be hosting the 2018 SCBWI Arizona Regional Conference at the Marriott Phoenix/Mesa in Mesa on September 28th and 29th

Events Beyond September?
We have the great pleasure to announce the beginning of Brick Cave's Holiday Book Tour and Giveaway!

Beyond the tour our authors are making even more appearances, including:

  • Sharon Skinner making an additional appearance at the IDEA Museum in downtown mesa on the 13th of October.
  • Louise Robertson will be part of the Hospital Poets from noon to 1 on October 16th at the OSU East Hospital.

We Ask The Authors.

Curious what words of wisdom our authors might have to give about their craft? Once again we have asked them a core question about how they develop their writing, and here's what they had to say...

This Month's Question: What is something unusual that has inspired a story idea?

The Answers:

Sharon Skinner (The Healer's Legacy, Supernal Dawn)- "The opening scene in my YA, Collars and Curses, was actually inspired by a real life event from my teenage years.  I originally sat down to write about it because someone had asked me to write about something from my teenage years. I tried to write about a traumatic event that changed my worldview, the moment I was targeted and attacked by the local town bully. I'm not sure how unusual that is, but I was trying to write nonfiction and tell it like it really happened. Trouble was, when I got to the part where she completely beat the hell out of me, I found I couldn't write it. I hated that part of my story and had no real desire to relive it.

I stood up from the computer and walked away. Adrenaline pumped me into a ragged wreck and I couldn't be still. I couldn't sit back down at the keyboard, but I also couldn't flee the event that had taken place so long ago. A sudden realization had me running back to the computer. It was true that I couldn't go back in time to erase the event from my life, but I am a fiction writer. I could rewrite the ending. And I did. 
Interestingly, there is a lot more emotional truth to the story than the small fictional changes that I made, but I like the entire scene better now. That short scene became the story, Coffee & Cues and, later, morphed into the first chapter of Collars & Curses."

Louise Robertson (The Naming Of, The Experiment Known as Rose Marie Hernandez Williamson) - "I was on a walk and I saw very other-world-looking bronze-colored mushrooms. Next thing I know, I've got a full story idea about space travel. The mushrooms never made it into the story."

Got a question?
send you questions to for the chance to be featured in one of the next ask the author sections.

Prefer a more personal Q&A with the Authors? Come meet up with them at one of our events or look into participating in our new podcast program.

From the Staff

From CEO Bob-
2018 has so far been an AMAZING year for Brick Cave. We are on pace for a record number of books moving out the door, and we haven't even started busy season yet. Thank you to everyone that has seen us, chatted with us or bought a book from us. This note, however, is about what's coming.

I am going to tease the books in the wings as we inch closer to 2019, including:

  • A paperback version of Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods, by Scott Woods is happening for November. This will undoubtedly be a great capstone on a powerful year of releases for Brick Cave. As soon as I get done typing this note, I will be adding the Pre-order to
  • Then we turn to 2019, and holy moly we have a full slate on tap for you. New releases from
    • J.A. Giunta, we actually have two to release so we will see which one we complete first.
    • Sharon Skinner- Third Healer's book, anyone? But wait, there's more! We are also camping on the second Nelig Stones book as well :) It could be a VERY good year for Sharon fans.
    • Louise Robertson releases her first fiction title, it's name is elsewhere in this newsletter, so pay attention.
    • Patrick Hare- Useless Corporate Boiler Plate Vinegar will make you see the world in a whole new way.
    • Bill Campana- Bill has some great plans, and like fans of Sharon, it could be a VERY good year for Bill fans.
    • Bruce Davis- Get ready for Gold Magic, because it's coming.
    • Futurewords II, our second Anthology, will hit stores.
    • Our republished Magic and Mythology Coloring Book is scheduled to be released
    • I have promised an awful lot of people that 3rd Tavara Tinker tale.
Which title are you looking most forward to? Head over to our Facebook group and post you most anticipated Brick Cave book of the next 12 months.

Book Reviews!

In Case you haven't read it yet, The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner is still pulling in five star reviews.

From Cindy Kibbe's Goodreads review "Kira, our heroine, is a refreshing blend of vulnerability and courage. Her journey is as much a “coming of age” tale as it is one of discovering and owning one’s inner strength. So often Fantasy genre protagonists have little in the way of a dynamic character, but Kira is one of those that stands out to move from frightened to fighter. Exciting adventure, intriguing magic, and gentle romance round out the first book in Kira's epic story. Enjoyed by both Young Adults and Adults alike."


New Brick Cave Podcast

Last Month we introduced the Brick Cave Podcast, and this month we come back again with new episodes for you to listen to. This also opens a whole new world to our loyal fans on how they can get involved and work with us. 

The focus is on readers, and we are always going to be looking for readers that want to talk about the books we publish.

If being interviewed about one of our books that you love or being in an interview with your favorite Brick Cave Author sound like something you or someone you know would like to do, spread the word and send us an email:

 Listen to our latest now! iTunes Stitcher  |  PodBean

Store Bought

Right Now- use the promo code "firsttime" an your fist purchase of $15 dollars or more and receive 25% off your first buy!

We're Giving Bill Away!
Also Happening this month in the store is our Bill Campana Giveaway. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a free autographed copy of one of Bill Campana's poetry collections. The drawing ends September 30th.


Cave Crew News

Learn more about Cave Crews.
We know there are alot of fans of Brick Cave that have offered to help us as a small publisher. One of the biggest areas that we have needed help is at events.

Upcoming Cave Crew Opportunities:

Join the Crew Here (Click and fill out the form)

Staff and Intern Openings

Staff Openings:
No Openings at this time.

Internship Opportunities:
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Don't Forget:
Our Manuscript submission period is still open.  It closes September 30th so this is the final month to submit! Check out the website for more info and be sure to spread the word.

And That's A Wrap!

We'll see YOU in October!

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