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The June (and Beyond) Calendar


Two of Our Biggest Books for 2019

We have been building our release schedule something fierce over the last few months. Phoenix Fan Fusion seemed like the perfect place to give our fans the first chance to claim the first hand numbered and signed copies of their favorite titles. The Exile's Gift was THE BIGGEST selling item we had at Phoenix Fan Fusion.

Now YOU have the opportunity to pre-order either book right from the Brick Cave Store.

War Golem, J.A. Giunta

Goblins craft their greatest weapon, a massive body of iron and enchantment.
To complete the war golem, they summon the most evil being in existence and bind his spirit to their creation.
What they wanted was a video game character.
Unfortunately, what they got was a teenage griefer.

The Exile's Gift, Sharon Skinner

You are who you are because of your choices, Heresta’s voice whispered in her head. You cannot walk another’s path.

With the Matriarch dead and Eilar’s protective barriers devastated, Kira’s homeland is at risk. Amid the resulting aftermath of fear and insecurity, mounting tensions cause a rift in the Eilaran leadership.

Against the ruling council’s will, Kira embarks upon a hazardous quest to discover the workings of her mad half-brother Kavyn’s shattered focus stone.

But will the strange stone turn out to be a boon for the imperiled land, or unleash a bane that will ultimately destroy Kira and the land and people she is determined to save.

It's Time for Some Sarcasm

The Sarcasm Goes to Hell Tour features 3 of Brick Cave Media's poets, Bill Campana, Patrick Hare and The Klute. They gallivant across the Southwest sharing information on their latest releases. We have 2 shows on tap with more in the hopper.

Sarcasm Goes to Hell Tour: Albuquerque, NM
June 30 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sarcasm Goes to Hell Tour: Salt Lake City, Utah
September 12 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Reviews? Well, Ok...

What are people saying about our books?

The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner
C. McNiff on Amazon
5 Stars
An Immediate Page-Turner
Sharon Skinner weaves a fascinating tale of a young woman, a healer, on a quest for freedom and safety as she flees a hostile world. "

Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis
on Amazon
5 stars
"A blast to read!!
Excellent story. Great characters. Keeps you on the edge throughout. Davis has created a great new world with social nuances that can be very applicable to today’s milieu. Very much looking forward to more stories in this fantasy."

The Brick Cave Film Festival is Coming!

Know a Filmmaker? Are you a filmmaker yourself? Just looking for something new to read?
The Brick Cave Film Festival is a celebration of the wide range in writing talent from Brick Cave Media authors matched with the vast talent pool of filmmakers found worldwide.

Click the cover to the left to download the PDF file for each story.
His head throbbed, a steady tempo in each temple that spread behind the eyes. His thoughts were hazy, caught between addled dream and the rise of a harsh reality. He forced his eyes open, strained against what little morning light made it past the heavy curtains. He was naked, in a massive bed not his own and uncertain how he’d gotten there. The only thing he could be sure of was his mother had drugged him.
Brittle, her fingers were, brittle. Long and thin. So thin they seemed like they should break when she lifted the paper from the scarred wooden table to read the crabbed writing inked upon it.
“I suggest burning.”
“Roger that, Launch Control, Xi’an has Drone away, I repeat, we have Drone away.” A man sat watching his monitor intently, with data about a newly launched Drone moving off from the IOP Xi’an Station . He turned to a woman standing close behind him.
“Captain Guerin, the drone is away. Estimated time to Titan is 122 hours, 16 minutes, 22 seconds. Do you have any idea what that is about? I’ve never seen a request go through so fast.”

Be a Fictioneer!

We're looking for a few good micro-story writers!

The Brick Cave Fictioneers is a monthly 500 word micro fiction challenge issued to Patrons at the “Purple Dragon Tier”.

Each month, the members of the tier are invited to submit a 500 word micro fiction prose piece in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genres. Some months may be themed, and some months may be “Open”.
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Cave Crew News

Learn more about Cave Crews.
We know there are alot of fans of Brick Cave that have offered to help us as a small publisher. One of the biggest areas that we have needed help is at events.

Upcoming Cave Crew Opportunities:

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And That's A Wrap!

See You In July!

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