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Brick Cave was an inaugural vendor at the 2019 Roadside Book Festival in Taylor, AZ. It was a blast being with the animals.

The August Calendar

Brick Cave & Author Appearances and Events

The Brick Cave Film Festival:
Interview with J.A. Giunta

If you are a budding filmmaker, the Brick Cave Film Festival is coming up on December 7th, 2019 in Mesa, AZ. There are $3,000 in prizes available to filmmakers.

The Film Festival has four different categories, one open Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Film category, and three "story" categories, with each being based on a story written by a Brick Cave Author. You can see the full slate at the BCFF Page. We took a few minutes to ask author J.A. Giunta about his story, Bloodlines.

Q. Talk a little about how the story idea developed- what sparked it, and how it got your interest to make it a story?
A. The story stemmed from an idea that magic could involve the interaction of ordinary materials. The trick was in knowing just which materials and how much to use. This was coupled with the idea that some fantasy races still existed, like elves, and had amassed great power and wealth over the centuries.

Q. As you know, filmmakers can use any part of the story in making their short film, what are some of the thoughts you have on making a short from the material?
A. I've never tried to make a short, so I'm not sure if filming a small part of the story would be satisfying. I tried to write it in such a way that it might translate into a short film in its entirety. I'm not a filmmaker though, so I'm sure someone will find a way to make a small part interesting and intriguing.

Q. Do you think these characters/this world might pop up again, in a full length book, or other stories?
A. I never write anything without considering it in larger scale. I could easily, and have already set it up, to be a full length novel. The short is merely the first chapter.

Brick Cave CEO Bob Nelson "Horsing Around" with Phillip Young of Featherstone Publications (and Juliette the horse) at the 2019 Roadside Book Festival.

New Releases in August

We are looking at 4 new releases in August, the most new books that Brick Cave has ever released in one month! You are sure to find your next great read among these new titles, including:

The Exile's Gift, Sharon Skinner. Pre-order the FINAL book in The Healer's Legacy Series Now, with no shipping and a pre-order discount!

You are who you are because of your choices, Heresta’s voice whispered in her head. You cannot walk another’s path.

With the Matriarch dead and Eilar’s protective barriers devastated, Kira’s homeland is at risk. Amid the resulting aftermath of fear and insecurity, mounting tensions cause a rift in the Eilaran leadership.

Against the ruling council’s will, Kira embarks upon a hazardous quest to discover the workings of her mad half-brother Kavyn’s shattered focus stone.

But will the strange stone turn out to be a boon for the imperiled land, or unleash a bane that will ultimately destroy Kira and the land and people she is determined to save?


War Golem, J.A. Giunta. Pre-order this new title from J.A. Giunta with no shipping and a pre-order discount!

Goblins craft their greatest weapon, a massive body of iron and enchantment.
To complete the war golem, they summon the most evil being in existence and bind his spirit to their creation.
What they wanted was a video game character.
Unfortunately, what they got was a teenage griefer.
Coming later in August?
A new poetry book from Bill Campana. The title?

if porchlights have moths then raincoats have fish, or pinhole photography, tunnel vision, and existential observations while  peeking through keyholes, or ancient sumerian dating tips and gregorian cat calls, or abandoned by wolves only to be raised by plant life

Poems by Bill Campana

Yeah, look for that to go up for presale later this week.


Corporate Boiler Plate Vinegar, Patrick Hare. Also available for presale later this week, you'll laugh til you cry at some of these amazing gems of poetry.

$8.99 Books Until August 20th

Brick Cave Media is announcing the Summer 2019 Great 8(.99) Sale beginning Tuesday, July 16, 2019 and giving readers the opportunity to pick up some of the best Brick Cave Paperbacks at $8.99 during the sale.

The sale puts a different Brick Cave book at $8.99 each 3 days of the sale period, beginning Tuesday, July 15th, with The Nelig Stones, by Sharon Skinner. From 7/16-7/18, buyers will be able to get a copy of the title for $8.99, and on 7/19, a different title will be offered at the price. The sale will continue to rotate new titles until August 20, 2019, for 12 books total.

Each new book on sale will be announced via the Brick Cave Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Readers are encouraged to share the posts to spread the word. Hashtags #BickCave899, #BrickCaveBookSale and #BrickCaveSummerSale will be used to tag the posts to easy reference.

Shipping is free for the Brick Cave Store, including on sale titles.

Sales price lasts until inventory is depleted, or until time period expires.

Patreon News

You can Join the Brick Cave Patreon for as little as $1/month. Click Here.

Be a Brick Cave Fictioneer

Launched in May 2019 as part of the updated Brick Cave Media Patreon, The Brick Cave Fictioneers is a 500 word monthly micro-fiction challenge issued to Patrons at the “Purple Dragon Tier”.

Each month, the members of the tier are invited to submit a 500 word micro-fiction prose piece in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genres. Some months may be themed, and some months may be “Open”. Brick Cave staff then read and select one submission and with a picture of the author and a link to the author’s website, the piece is published and promoted:

  • In the Brick Cave Patreon Blog (as a public post, so readable by all, with the author’s pic and a link to the author’s website)
  • In the Brick Cave Media Email Newsletter (author pic/ author website link and brief synopsis with link to Patreon post)
  • On the Brick Cave Facebook Page (author pic/author website link and brief synopsis with link to Patreon post)
  • On the Brick Cave Twitter each week until the next winner is chosen (brief synopsis with link to Patreon post)
  • How do Authors Submit?

    Interested Authors that have joined the Brick Cave Patreon at the Purple Dragon level will have a specific “Due Date” each month that the submission will be due by. Brick Cave staff will send reminders to the group as well as information on themed challenges. A particular month may have a theme, or not, depending. There will be a special email to submit the fiction to.

Staff and Intern Openings

Staff Openings:
Quiet Right Now

Internship Opportunities:
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And That's A Wrap!

Next Month- We STILL have a ton to share! See you in August.

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