Ifa Says we should Be Thankful!

One of the most important and enduring messages from the odù Ifá (Yorùbá sacred knowledge corpus) speaks to the special responsibility that we as human beings have to be thankful for the blessings we have received from Olodumare (God) and for the continued support of our Egun (ancestors) and the Orisa (divinities). Let us express our gratitude and reverence through prayers of thanksgiving each and every day.

Iba Olodumare! (Reverence to the Almighty God)
Iba Ile Ogeere a Foko Yere! (Reverence to the Mother Earth)
Iba Egun! (Reverence to the Ancestors)
Iba Ori! (Reverence to Ori, our personal divinity)
Iba Isese! (Reverence to our isese, our mothers, fathers  and those who are the carriers of tradition)
Iba Orisa! (Reverence to the Orisa)
Iba gbogbo ti won gbe wa! (Reverence to all who support us)

May each of you and your families be blessed today and every day. For those who will travel to spend the day with family and friends, may you travel and return to your homes safely. Ase!

Much Ase and Ire to each of you,
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