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AutoCAD, MicroStation, and CADpilot

We're continuing to add content to the cadgurus page. This month I added an AutoCAD DVB, and a MicroStation MVBA that modify the file options in each application. I can't say that I've used file options that much. I know that some CAD managers swear by these - makes searching for assets easier, you can display the properties in windows, you can set your title block using the title property. All good reasons. If your users are not in the habit of filling out this information then you may want to consider automating the data entry. If the person who creates the file, the author, is not be the person who actually does the design work then making the Author attribute generic may be more appropriate. The download is in the usual place And, you can always search through the archives at

We know many of you are working in multi-platform environments so we're trying to add content that addresses both the MicroStation and AutoCAD design platforms. This month Seth's article, Don't sink, drawing "arks" in AutoCAD and MicroStation, looks at the differences when placing arcs in AutoCAD and MicroStation. We can't say that one is better than the other, just that they are different. I'd like to explore some time in the near future if there are ways to normalize workflows so that for those of us who move between both CAD platforms frequently don't have to spend a lot of time re-learning command flow. That may not be possible, but maybe it could be addressed in a company specific workflow. If you have thoughts about that leave a post on or reply to this email.

My blog, Launching External Programs, post compares the methods each CAD platform uses to launch external applications. I also show you have we do this in CADpilot. In this case I do have an opinion which approach is better - but it's a little biased - CADpilot. if you're not a CADpilot user you can login to and download the free trial. It's pretty easy to set up. Using a server deployment is extremely powerful, especially if you need to deliver plug-ins, standards or documentation. Any of these application launch approaches are good and hopefully you will get something from the post. Leave a comment and let me know if there is a topic you would like to explore further and I'll try to address it in a future article. 

Spring FLUG Reminder...

Last reminder for FLUG. I'm almost ready. Ha! Seth and I will be there and are providing content. I'll be speaking on Wednesdy morning about Design Technology Management, and then again later in the day to show what we've done with the Signs Tool application. Seth has presentations on Civil3d Survey and another on Using Geospatial Data - both of these are on Thursday. Our development consulting team will be there too - a great opportunity to ask questions from our CADpilot gurus!

You can register and/or find more information about this great educational opportunity at . Hope to see you there.

Mark Stefanchuk
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