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Design Technology Management

We have some brand new blog content for you this month. Seth posted a great article about how to use surfaces from Civil3D with InRoads. As always a well written how-to with tips to correct the issues inherent in the different interpretations of LandXML. Here's a link to Seth's article, I need to get a surface...

My post this month is rather lengthy and a little different from the regular how to posts we usually do. It's an attempt to tackle the subject of design technology management. In this post I try to provide you with a framework for synchronizing what you do on a daily basis - technology projects, maintenance, support, management and so on - with what your business managers are trying to do with there high level strategies. It may be a little "heady" but having been immersed in both roles for many years, and now as a consultant helping you with various aspects of CAD and design technology I believe you will find some if not all of the exercises useful. Here's a link to my post, Design Technology Management.

And, give us some feedback. Send me an email or post a comment about your experiences when trying to grapple with the complexities of the design technology ecosystem. We want you to engage in the dialog.

Spring FLUG

Registration is open. Here's a link - FLUG Registration. We will be there. I have a one hour presentation on Design Technology Management (yes, part of the reason for my blog post). And for those of you working with the new Civil3D FDOTSigns program, I will be demonstrating recent changes to the program. Both of these are on Wednesday. Seth is scheduled for two sessions on Thursday - Civil3D Survey, and Using Geospatial Data in Civil3D. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your design technology. Both Bentley Systems and Autodesk are well represented, and there are 3 full days of presentations and workshops - a great education opportunity. Hope to see you there.


This year we have added several new examples. I hope you find these useful. You can find the latest posts at and all of our archived examples are located at


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