Bob Lee: Planting seeds that will last forever

For over 40 years, Bob Lee's passion and enthusiasm for Master and Reeves products have helped build the foundation for Master-PT's dedication to customer service. In this video, Bob explains how solving problems and helping customers will continue to be paramount to Master PT.

YouTube video

Testing, Testing

Built to Last - that's our mission when it comes to building products with the name Master Power Transmission stamped on them. We continued to expand our capability this summer when our engineers designed and constructed a new Research and Development stand to run products through their paces.

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it

In this important video, Simon Sinek points to how inspired organizations do the complete opposite of others. They start with the “Why”. They start with a purpose, a cause, and a belief . This belief is the true center of successful innovators and they build their organizations around it including how they talk about themselves and who they hire. People buy what you believe and what you do simply proves it. At Master PT we believe in continuously improving the customer’s experience and we passionately align our people and made in America manufacturing around that belief. We find this video inspiring and hope you do too.