Master Power Transmission's Exceptional Product Specialist Team

Besides an exceptional product, the best thing we can offer our customers is superb service. Master Power Transmission strives to succeed at both. Meet each member of the Product Specialist Team in this video.

YouTube video

The Bob Squad

For those of you growing up in the late 60's and 70's, you may remember the popular hit TV show, "The Mod Squad".

Here at Master Power Transmission, we have the "Bob Squad," a specially trained task force created to take care of our customers. Their mentor and encourager in delivering top-notch customer service is Bob Lee, now retired.

Mentor Leadership

Mentor Leadership is the slogan for a successful leadership model for families, groups, companies and teams. As coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy led his team to Super Bowl victory in 2007. A few years ago he wrote“The Mentor Leader” to encourage others to step up to a different kind of leadership role.

In this video, Dungy tells the story of one man who made an impact on his life. The book relates football stories but Dungy also reveals his mindset and motivations behind his methods of dealing with his players. The points he makes and the Q&A with Tony Dungy are great tools for anyone wishing to improve their impact.