The One Thing That Matters.

Great companies thrive because they understand what their customers really want and deliver it … brilliantly! Apple understands people want customize and broaden their digital experience. Ford understands that people want the same technology in their cars they enjoy in their smartphones. At Master PT, we understood thing that really matters to our customer uptime.

Mission Impossible? Not Really. We Called It Project E-236.

Delivering 88% of our critical products and parts within 48 hours didn’t happen overnight. It took the full commitment from 52 employees who understood how a competitive edge like this meant more than just job security.

The New Face of Blue Collar.

For years, the media has told us manufacturing is dead in the U.S. But hundreds of American companies are sharpening their competitive edge with a new kind of, highly technical blue collar worker. This inspiring short video profiles what's happening at Greenville, SC-based ADEX Machining Technologies.

What Great Teams Do: The Green Bay Packers

The Packers have 16 undrafted players on their roster, most of any NFL team. They have five tight ends (most in the league). Their QB coach is a veteran of the Canadian Football League. They ride kids’ bicycles to the training complex on the first day of camp. And they’re the only NFL team with college (not professional) cheerleaders on the sideline. Somehow it all adds up to a near-perfect season.