Expanding on the PTPlace model

Master PT expands on the PTPlace model to show dynamic component parts availability. Dave Fisher, Manager of Information Technology, explains this capability. More enhancements to come!

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A new way to shop Master PT

Remember the Sears catalog? When I was a kid, a lot of stuff came from the catalog, including our "first day of school" clothes. In late fall, the Wish Book got more open time than any of our school books. Skip a "few" year to the time when "going to the mall" was more pastime than shopping. Skip a "few" more years and I would rather stay home and scroll through online catalogs. The shopping options abound!".

Master Power Transmission just added one more shopping option to its arsenal of customer service - Welcome to PT Place!

What's Pood got to do with it?

What's all the buzz about Ecommerce? Internet shopping, online buying, e-commerce - it's all the same. What's remarkable is how many other languages / countries use the same term. I expected some romantic "commercia electronica" from Italy or Spain, but for most of the Roman alphabet world, it's some variation on the pronunciation and hyphenation of "Ecommerce"..