The Need for Speed: How Master Delivers Faster

With the industry standard for shipping at 4-6 weeks, how does Master Power Transmission deliver faster than anyone else? Find out what happens behind the scenes when you place an order with Master PT.

Master takes swift action to keep beer flowing

When a brewery in south-central Georgia needed to replace a Master ComboGear, their distributor called on Master Power Transmission to help them get the fermentation line up and running. The next day Master PT shipped a new gearbox to limit the downtime from fermentation to bottling. It also sparked a plant survey, which unveiled some surprising performance results.

An 81-point swing in dock to stock

As Master Power Transmission increased the throughput of finished goods, Torrance McClellan discovered a weak link. He quickly discerned that the company needed to move product through receiving and inspection faster. Since his arrival 18 months ago, today 97% of products are inspected and put away within 48 hours.

ComboGear advantages highlighted at Kaman conference

At the Kaman National Sales and Supplier Conference in Dallas last month, Master Power Transmission had the opportunity to submit a question for a scavenger hunt. We were pleased that so many manufacturers found us for the answer to: “What product offers a unique combination of a high speed, low ratio worm and a second stage helical gear stage into an efficient right angle gear reducer?”