The Competitive Drive of Ryan Roberson

You may know Ryan Roberson as the man driving the day-to-day operations at Master PT in Columbus, IN. On the weekends, however, he’s a driving force behind a wheel.

Is American Manufacturing Declining?

American manufacturing isn’t declining, it’s booming. So why are there these myths that manufacturing in America is falling? We’ve got the answers.

Olympic Pride

After 17 days of competition, the 2012 Summer Olympics have come to a close. Our 531 athletes representing the United States are coming home. Some have gold, silver or bronze. Others are returning without a medal. After two weeks of watching the joy of winning and the agony of defeat, what did these athletes teach us?

Master PT’s Community Involvement

Master Power Transmission is committed to supporting the quality of life of the communities where we live and work. Our associates are actively engaged in the United Way and other philanthropic causes. When a family was devastated by a tornado earlier this year, our employees came together to lend their support in the recovery.

Here’s a short video on Master PT’s charitable activities.