In this edition we share how God has used some random everyday events to help us build relationship and what we will be doing in the next few months.
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Hazels in Africa

We have been in Africa now 11 months.
What an adventure!
God's love is steadfast. And He is faithful.
So thankful He is sovereign over all things.

Above Tsaba is teaching me how to make the skirts they wear everyday.
Water Tap
We live in the Kalahari Desert. It is considered a green desert because it does rain 3 months out of the year. The past few years there has been even less rain than normal. The water that comes out of our neighborhood water tap comes from the bore hole in Tsumkwe. We live on the edge of town, so our water is the last in the line. The water flows when the power is on. We wait at least 2 hours for water to reach us when the power has been off and is turned back on.

I tell you all this to let you know water is a precious gift. We have been able to help put in a new water tap for our neighbors. It is awesome to watch the neighbors come together, dig a ditch for the pipe, be done in 30 minutes, and everyone has smiles on their faces because of running water. Our water tap was not running well (actually just dripping at times), yet up the street the water would flow. So Jeremy and 3 men spent one day trying to “fix” the problem. They would repair one place and two others places would spring up. Together the guys got to the “root” of the problem. One section of pipe had tree roots in the line. Once the roots were removed, the water started to flow well when the power is on. This was great relationship building between Jeremy and the men.

Other ways Jeremy is building relationship with the men are through making things together like the shelf above and painting our house below. We love the community you experience here. Jeremy had asked 2 men to come help him paint and 5 men showed up to help. What we thought would be a two day project was done in just 5 hours. Amazing!!! They came to help not expecting anything. We were able to bless them and their families. The men got a tea break with cookies and everyone men, women and children had lunch. At the end of the day, we gave them a warm blanket for their families and a gift of money for their hard work. 
There are many children in our neighborhood. They love coming over to our house to play soccer, play card games, and look at picture books. The smallest ones love crawling all over me, Claudia. One day I discovered a spot on my arm. It was not a mosquito bite. A few days later it was forming a circle and I knew it was ringworm. My neighbors also knew what it was. I went to the clinic for cream. When I came home, they showed me where it was on one little girl. I asked permission to give medicine. I was allowed to wash and give medicine until it cleared up. Weeks later, I noticed another little boy with a circle over his eye. I asked his mother permission to give him medicine and then 2 other mothers brought their children to me. These women love their children and want the best for them. Because I was loving on the children, I got ringworm which in turned opened doors to 4 mothers. It is amazing to watch God at work to build relationships through a case of ringworm.

Below is /usha with medicine cream on her forehead into her hair.
/sha had ringworm on her head. It has since cleared up because of medicine.
The moringa tree is sometimes called the miracle tree. It produces leaves with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Moringa grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas where malnutrition is a huge problem.

Africa is said to be the only continent where children malnutrition is getting worse instead of better. Many times aid will fill stomachs but does not supply the body with its essential needs. Each day in Tsumkwe I see children with extended stomachs because of malnutrition.

Thankfully through my time spent at ECHO in Fort Myers, FL, I learned the benefits of moringa and how easy it is to grow. Today there are 55 plants of moringa growing in our small garden in Tsumkwe. The children will come help me water in the evening. They are learning to eat the leaves. Moringa is sometimes called the horseradish tree because of the peppery taste in the fresh leaves. I hope by the end of the year the garden area will have over 100 plants growing and I will be able to start teaching how to harvest, dry, and process leaves to be added to the diet of our neighbors.

Below is /xoan helping water the baby moringa plants. She is a future gardener and I believe she can make a difference among the San.
A short video of us trying to teach you a few words.  The correct spelling of Ju/'hoansi is what I just typed not what you see above :) My english is failing me as I learn another language.
Current Prayer Needs:
1. Our team needs prayers as we are struggling with team unity. We have just finished a unit on spiritual warfare. We are on the front-lines of the battle and the Enemy wants to stir up as much trouble from within.
2. We are making progress with language learning but still have a long way to go before being able to have a full conservation with our neighbors. Jeremy has a consistent helper now. His name is Besa.
3. For wisdom as we pray for God to reveal to us how and where we need to spend our time and effort in future ministry here.
4. For God to continue to open doors with our neighbors.
5. For wisdom to balance being with our neighbors, learning language, doing
curriculum reading and assignments, and staying healthy and rested.
Thankful for all our wonderful supporters. Praying God blesses each one of you for your faithful giving and your constant prayer support.
It was great to talk to a few of you over holiday vacation.
We had a good time away but ready to be back home with our family in Tsumkwe.
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