An update as our we near some milestones on our way to Africa.  Feel free to share with friends.

Support by Prayer

~ For the San in their daily life.
~ For each of our team members as they raise their support to go.
~For our team leaders, Zeka and Anita, who are expecting their second set of twins in July.
~ God to rise up a strong prayer team to support us as we follow Him. Please let us know if you are praying for us.
~Team housing is complete.
~Our cat and dog have new homes with loving families.
~Jeremy's iritis in his right eye has healed. He did lose some vision in the eye, so he had to get new contacts and glasses.
~THANK YOU to everyone who has given and have made a pledge. We couldn't go without you.
Support by Giving

Monthly support pledges are what will keep us in Africa. Monthly support will be allocated to ministry expenses, our salary, healthcare, administration costs, and other on-field expenses.


This is an American phrase in origin, possibly with Scottish influences, and isn't commonly used in other countries. Lickety maybe taken from lick, meaning speed as in 'going at quite a lick' or headlong as in 'very fast sprint in a race'. It may have also come from the ticking of a clock or the clickety-clack of a train. In the early industrial revolution, speed and time had new urgency. Steam engines, trains, and even household clocks made their appearance, changing the pace of society.

Our marathon pace from the past two years has picked up to a sprint. We can see the finish line of our preparation. We have 30 days now until our financial clearance date. This is the last step before we can actually go to Africa. Africa Inland Mission will not let us go until we are fully supported. We are at 72% which means we need $1225 per month in pledges to reach our target goal of $4333 so we are not delayed leaving in June. For some of you, God has been telling you to step out in faith and make a pledge. (We have been there.) For others, please pray and ask God how you can help bring the gospel to the SAN Bushman. You may give monthly or yearly. Individuals, churches, Sunday School classes, small groups, or youth groups can make a pledge.
Most pledges have ranged from $10 to $100 a month.
Although your pledge will have our name on it, together as goers and senders we are fulfilling the Great Commission call to go into all the World. 
We were reminded of why were are going this past Sunday as we celebrated Easter.
We worship the Living God who paid the price for our sins, so we can have eternal HOPE.
Christ is RISEN!!!
This is the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Will you help us reach the San with this GOOD NEWS?
Click below to pledge.

Latest News from Tsumkwe
Our houses are finished and move in ready. You all have asked a lot of questions, so here is one answer to what will our toilets look like. Pretty nice.

The next picture is of our beautiful wood doors.

Here is a video shot about a month ago about the progress of our team houses.


It's still not to late!

We have 6 big travel trunks that we are taking with us to Africa. We are collecting stickers to put on them to remind us of the love and support from home. So send us a sticker that best represents you and your family.  For example, Jeremy is putting his Marathon and Georgia Southern University stickers on his trunks. Others have given us stickers from their church or school. You can send your stickers to our current mailing address at P.O. Box 804 Elizabethton, TN 37644. 


"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to
give the reason for the hope that you have.
But do this with gentleness and respect." 
1 Peter 3:15

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