Join us for a magical evening of bug related intrigue!

The Surreal World of Insects

95 percent of the animal species on the earth are insects! So often under appreciated and many times unknown we thought we'd do a whole show dedicated to beautiful and surreal world of insects. 
Come join us for an evening of bug related intrigue! 

Terraria is our new science and nature inspired shop located in Berkeley, Ca. This June 23rd will be the first nature inspired show in our gallery.

A giant praying mantis!
Botanical illustrations!
Giant scientific representations in splenderous detail!
Gorgeous dreamy insect perspectives!
Butterfly wing collages!
A street worthy grasshopper cart!
Masks, Insect totems, Bell jars! 
Macro Projections
Specimens up close and personal!

And of course insect inspired music, food, and drinks to round it all off.

Contributing artists: Becky Jaffe, Pat Hollingsworth, Tami Stewart, Steev Odell, Danielle Schlunegger, John Daniel, Andrew Werby, Colleen Paz, Kristin Rieke, Todd Cox and others!


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