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How OpenForests is striving for impact with the platform

For more than 9 years we have been working closely with different forest and conservation projects around the world. We have been creating customized information systems for consolidating and managing forestry data in one place.

Good information management leads to better decisions. It helps to build trusting relationships with both external and internal stakeholders. We've learned that transparent communication, long-term partnerships, and the right technology stack can deliver enormous value for organizations.

That is why we are building platform services, such as - to empower more people in building sustainable forest projects that are trustworthy and well-connected with stakeholders. 

A software platform that is constantly improving could deliver value to an indefinite number of organizations, something which is difficult to achieve with consulting services alone., which we started out two years ago, is our first set of platform services. Everyone can use the map-based platform to create beautiful and effective project presentations that engage stakeholders and supporters.

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We think that can serve as an important living link between people and forest projects. In these strange times where social distancing and political polarization are disconnecting and separating us, a community of visionary forest and conservation projects becomes even more important. We strive to form and support such a community that can lead a cultural mind-shift. A mind-shift that acknowledges the integrity and intrinsic value of healthy forest landscapes. But we can only achieve this together.

We warmly welcome you to join the community of sustainable forest makers!


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Forest Landscape Stories Podcast

Listen to our new podcast series: Forest Landscape Stories. We share stories of inspiring people and their projects. We learn about their way of thinking, their vision, and their passion. We try to understand what methods can enable successful landscape restoration.

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Stories from

In this issue, we highlight the work of women that has been documented on

Marta Gualsaqui was one of the first farmers in the Cumbas community to start farming goldenberry eight years ago, which is now her family’s main income source. 

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The women held a competition amongst themselves and 2 producers , Maria Carmela Farinango and Elvia Beatriz Tutillo made significant sales ... 

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Learn about the development of a special brand of coffee that supports the participation of women. 

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Forest Facts for Climate

In this article, we discuss the potential of forests to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Besides cutting current emissions, forests can constitute a “breakthrough technology” for sequestering already emitted carbon on a large scale, while restoring valuable ecosystem services and habitats for animals, plants, and people.

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About OpenForests

This is a transcript of a video where WoBistDude interview Alexander Watson, CEO and co-founder of OpenForests. They discuss the work that OpenForests does to support sustainable landscape restoration projects in becoming more socially- and environmentally- friendly, and more resilient financially.

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