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Green Christmas Trees are back

Our eco-friendly holiday tradition

“Green” your holiday celebrations by borrowing a future street tree from Friends of the Urban Forest!

For a tax-deductible $95 donation to FUF you get a living, potted, non-traditional Christmas tree to bring home for decoration and enjoyment. Return it to us after the holidays, and we’ll plant it in a San Francisco neighborhood that needs more trees.

Your Green Christmas Tree will reduce waste and post-holiday litter and provide benefits for generations to come.

Get details and order your tree here.

Offered in partnership with the San Francisco Department of the Environment and Hayes Valley Art Works.

Good Wood

Arboreal news: Acacia melanoxylon

While the Black Acacia (Acacia melanoxylon) is the tenth most common tree on the streets of San Francisco, it stores more carbon dioxide in its woody tissues than the number one species, the London Plane (Platanus x hispanica). In fact, our roughly 3,100 Black Acacias collectively store about 2,739 tons of CO2, while our roughly 8,600 London Planes store about 2,258 tons of CO2.

In addition to being great for the environment, Black Acacias are known for their beautiful wood, which is revered nearly as much as wood from the Koa tree (Acacia koa). There is interest in salvaging the trunks of these trees as they age and need to be removed to prevent tree failures.  The trunks that are suitable for milling can be turned into "live-edge" and other "dimensional" lumber for furniture, musical instruments, and other crafts.

Find Black Acacia locations on the Urban Forest Map.
The Biophile

Meet the Green Teens

The Green Teens program, originally known as the Youth Tree Care program, is Friends of the Urban Forest's longest-running workforce development program, and one of few paid urban forestry youth vocational training programs in the country. Since 1996, about 800 high school students -- mostly urban youth of color -- have developed green industry job skills, environmental knowledge, and leadership abilities while performing follow-up care for all the trees we plant.

The program lowers a barrier of entry into the historically exclusive environmental field and engages members of communities that are in greatest need of the benefits of a thriving urban forest.

"The program helps you to work as a community and as a family," said Iana G of the Bayview. "I am extremely grateful for what the FUF staff do for us. The Blodgett Forest was the most fun trip. It felt good to get out without our phones and explore, learning new facts and seeing things I’ve never seen before. They push me to do bigger and better things in life."

"Through planting trees, I've learned patience and teamwork," said Aaron J of Hunters Point. "Patience can help me not get mad about the little things. At Friends of the Urban Forest we help kids with the same or different backgrounds find jobs to help their communities look better."

"Through the Green Teens Program I gained leadership and professional skills," said Brian G of the Tenderloin. "I gained work experience that will aid me in getting another job. I gained arboriculture experience that made me realize which path I want to follow in the future."

Learn more about the Green Teens on our website.
Recently FUF'ed
On Saturday, October 13, we led neighborhood residents and volunteers in planting new street trees in the Inner Richmond neighborhood.
Ambitious planting goal revealed at hearing...
Street tree supporters are calling on The City to spend an additional $12 million a year to plant thousands of more street trees to grow the urban forest. Dan Flanagan, executive director of Friends of the Urban Forest, the nonprofit that backed the ballot measure and plants trees citywide, said he is pursuing funds for more tree plantings.

--from "SF looks to grow revenues for planting more street trees" by Joshua Sabatini in the San Francisco Examiner. See this and other stories in our SF Urban Forester Media Summary.
Thanks to our funder
We thank Carollo Engineers for a gift of $5,000 to support the creation of new sidewalk and front yard gardens in the Sunset neighborhood.
Upcoming FUF Stuff

December 6 -- Tree Replacement Thursday

December 6 - 8 -- Sidewalk Landscaping, Hayes Valley

December 8 -- Planting Support, Marina/Pacific Heights

December 8 -- Tree Planting, Marina/Pacific Heights

December 8 -- Green Christmas Tree Lot – Day 2 of 3

December 9 -- Mission District Fall Foliage and Leafless Tree Identification Tour

December 13 -- Tree Replacement Thursday

December 14 -- Friday Tree Delivery, Bayview

December 15 -- Planting Support, Bayview

December 15 -- Tree Planting, Bayview

December 16 -- Green Christmas Tree Lot – Day 3 of 3

December 20 -- Tree Replacement Thursday

A Forest Forever
Leave a green legacy by including Friends of the Urban Forest as a beneficiary of your will, trust, or other estate plan.

Details here.
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