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"And I said to my body.  Softly.
  'I want to be your friend.' 
It took a deep breath.  
And replied.
'I have waited my whole life for this'

Nayyirah Waheed
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Dear friends,
May this email find you all happy and in good health!  I wanted to share our upcoming special events which are truly a balm and a salve for body, mind and spirit.  One for each.  Please pre-register for all special events if possible, as this can assist us in the planning/preparation process.  Lindsay and I will be offering Restorative Yoga this Thursday night at 7pm and is sure to be a delicious experience.  If you happen to know someone who is overly stressed, healing from and injury or surgery, having trouble sleeping or dealing with anxiety in any way, shape or form, this is the PERFECT opportunity to tone the rest and digest nervous system.  We will be adding the healing benefits of aromatherapy as we allow the body to passively stretch with fully supported postures that are held for longer periods of time. As the song goes.......   "'Tis is a git to be simple, tis a gift to be free, tis is gift to come down to where we ought to be'"  I feel that Restorative yoga guides us into that place.

There are 2 other offerings coming as well,  We have not one, but two healing sound therapists coming together for a sound bath that will sooth.  Crystal Bowl and Gong Sound Bath on April 29th will rebalance our nervous system and restore harmony.   Interplay is returning on Friday, April 28th in the evening and Saturday, April 29th in the morning.  This is a very fun and interactive body, mind, breath, and spirit practice that encourages us to shed our armour and open to grace.  It is so very FUN and playful if this is what you need more of in life.  Just like when we are on our mat, consider what brings you back into balance and add more of that to you life.  Thank you all for celebrating life and creating community at Peace Tree Yoga.  
You are appreciated,

Register at Peace Tree Yoga Web-site Restorative Yoga or click the link below

Register Now at Peace Tree Yoga Web-site: Crystal Bowl or selecting the button below.

Register by visiting the web-site: Interplay. or selecting the button below.
InterPlay Pre-Registration
Both Friday and Saturday $75.00 USD Friday Only $25.00 USD Saturday AM $35.00 USD Saturday PM $35.00 USD

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