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Namaste' and good day to all!
You are cordially invited to commemorate with us, the birthing of The Enlightened Living Center, this Sunday from Noon-4pm.  Please come and celebrate, commune and co-create with our open-hearted, inspired community.  There will be beautiful music on stage, Fall foods, optional complimentary yoga classes, and joyful fellowship. We would LOVE for you to stop in, raise a cup of hot cider, and to feel as blessed as we do.  We are extremely grateful to you, our yoga tribe, who have been the greatest supporters and initial members of what we see expanding into a larger, conscious community.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Food Rules begins Monday at 7:15pm and Wednesday at 11:30am.  This 4-week book discussion (come to one or both sessions), focuses on nutritional common-sense.  Even though the book is simplistic, stating 64 basic rules, it is distilled wisdom in a nutritional sea of confusion. Eating healthy in our time has become overwhelming, yet Food Rules author, Michael Pollen found that the complicated question, "What should I eat?", could be simplified into 7 words, that all doctors, food scientist, and nutritionists agree ELIMINATE Western disease.  Join us to discover REAL nutrition in a simplified way.  $25 investment and you can bring or purchase a book in studio.  
We bow to each of you,


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