PHILIP SMITH                                                        HARUSH SHLOMO
Eggs and the City, 2014                                       Untitled, 2014
Acrylic paint, fiberglass                                      
Acrylic paint, lightbulb, fiberglass
30 inches, 36 pounds                                           38 inches, 70 pounds


Final Days for the Record-Breaking Paddle8 Auction:
Jeff Koons at $420,000 and Eggs by Tracey Emin, Bruce Weber,
April Gornik, Ralph Lauren, Cynthia Rowley, Robert Wilson, Pat Steir, Leo Villareal, Rachel Hovnanian, Benjamin Shine, Zaha Hadid,
James Demartis, Brooklyn Design & Fabrication, 
Marsha Meredith, and Jason Middlebrook, Among Others


AKArt artists Philip Smith and Harush Shlomo are among many other globally renowned artists, designers, and creatives to design one-of-a-kind egg sculptures for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, a fundraising initiative benefitting Elephant Family and Studio in a School. Over 250 large egg sculptures—which were placed throughout NYC's five boroughs—are now on view at Rockefeller Center for the final week of the event, and are up for bid through Saturday, April 26 on Paddle8.

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is co-chaired by Agnes Gund, Mark Shand, Bob Colacello, and Suydam Lansing, with the general public encouraged to participate by finding all of the eggs through April 18, with incredible gemstone prizes from Fabergé serving as an incentive. Having already achieved record-breaking results—with Jeff Koons' egg garnering $360,000 in bids—the incredible momentum generated by the Paddle8 online auction is a huge bolster to the upcoming Sotheby’s April 22 event, where the amazing online bids will kick off the sale as starting bids for the 30 eggs in a live auction and 15 in a silent auction.

Philip Smith—whose pictographic work was first seen in the seminal
Pictures exhibition at Artists Space which included Robert Longo, Sherrie Levine, Troy Brauntuch and Jack Goldstein, establishing The Pictures Generation, and whose recent exhibition PHILIP SMITH: SIGN LANGUAGE at Jason McCoy Gallery, received critical acclaim and was featured in Modern Painters, ARTnews, ELLE DECOR, Artspace, among othersshared his ideas and inspiration behind his Eggs and the City: “In every traditional culture from pagan and Judeo Christian to Buddhism, the egg is rich in symbolism. So I approached the project with continuing that tradition and making a somewhat sacred egg. Before I began, I looked at the original Fabergé eggs and noticed that the most beautiful were either Prussian or royal blue, so at least the color referenced Fabergé. For me, the egg is a brilliantly packaged life form, filled with endless possibilities ready to emerge and engage with life’s destiny. Pictographically, my egg considers these various narratives as Mr. Globe Head announces the egg’s arrival while DNA threads itself through the mystical magic squares filled with auspicious numbers and a blindfolded man contemplates a diamond, perhaps the Diamond Sutra or just a regular off the shelf diamond from Harry Winston.”

Harush Shlomo—infamous for his large-scale interventions and functional sculpture, such as Round the Corner from his Silver series, featured exclusively on Sotheby's Preferred, as well as his performances frequently done during the opening of the Venice Biennale—whose main focus in recent years has been the metamorphosis of forms and materials, achieves intriguing interrelations between art and industry while constantly challenging boundaries. Exploring with industrial materials, including aluminum and stainless steel, he blends everyday subjects and objects into his work, while manipulating them in order to turn away from the archetypal, towards new and unexpected emblems. In his one-of-a kind sculptural work Untitled for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, Shlomo has broken the egg into two parts and connected them again using the light as a binding material—thus creating a new sculpture. Like many of his works, the perception of the piece changes constantly through interaction with the surrounding environment. His utilization of light explores the metamorphosis of matter and the relationship of shape and movement—metaphorically reflecting the singularity of the moment that takes us by surprise and lets the most profound essence of his work shine through. 

Paddle8 Online Auction: April 1-26
Live + Silent Auction at Sotheby's: April 22

Paddle8 Auction Site:
Twitter & Instagram: @thebiggegghuntNY, #thebigegghuntNY

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