Philip Smith at The Jewish Museum 
in Unorthodox 

November 6 - March 27, 2016

The Jewish Museum
109 5th Avenue 
New York, NY 10128

Opening in November, work by Philip Smith will be featured in the Jewish Museum's Unorthodox—a large-scale group exhibition featuring over 50 contemporary artists from around the world whose practices mix forms and genres without concern for artistic conventions. Though the artists in Unorthodox come from a wide variety of backgrounds and generations, they are united in their spirit of independence and individuality. Through over 200 works, the exhibition will highlight the importance of iconoclasm and art’s key role in breaking rules and traditions. Numerous works that examine social and political values, religion and humanism, trauma, and identity explore the relationship between the human figure and the modern creative process.

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The Jewish Museum: T +(212) 423-3200  /

Images: Dancing With The Stars, 2015, Archival digital print, 66 x 44 inches, 167.64 x 111.76 centimeters, Edition of 5 + 2 Artist Proofs; Librium A.M., 2015, Archival digital print, 66 x 44 inches, 167.64 x 111.76 centimeters, Edition of 5 + 2 Artist Proofs, Courtesy of Philip Smith

Jeff Tse Exhibition at Warehouse 416

Date/s + Time/s 
Opening Reception: Friday, November 6, 6-10pm
On View: November 6 - 21, Saturdays 1-5pm

Warehouse 416
416 26th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

In advance of the forthcoming photography book featuring his Tse Nature series, Jeff Tse will be exhibiting select works at Warehouse 416 in Oakland, CA—opening Friday, November 6 from 6-10pm for the Oakland Art Murmur First Fridays. Tse defines his work as a play of light and form. He strives to create imagery that parallels sculpture more so than the two-dimensional photograph. A driving force in his work is his desire to translate subliminal aesthetic forms into imagery that is timeless and flawless. The artist’s latest series focuses on beauty found in the natural world. Inspired by great Naturalists such as Edward Weston and Georgia O’Keeffe, he takes on a widely varying set of subjects—from boletus and stone, to succulents and sand. Tse carefully selects specific objects, in the same manner in which a sculptor would choose the finest clay with which to work—those from which he can evoke inordinately pleasing forms.

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Image: Sand 9, 2014, Digital C-print, Large: 30 x 45 inches / 76.2 x 114.3 centimeters, Edition of 10, Small: 20 x 30 inches / 50.8 x 76.2 centimeters, Edition of 15, Courtesy of Jeff Tse

Melissa Murray in Echoes
at A.I.R. Gallery 

Exhibition: Open through October 11
DUMBO’s First Thursday Art Walk: Thursday, October 1, 6-9pm

A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Works by Melissa Murray are on view in A.I.R. Gallery's Echoes, an exhibition of paper-based works by Murray and Julia Westerbeke. Echoes features paintings and drawings from Murray's current series, For the End of Time—a body of work based on a letter, written by the artist's Great Uncle during the week he was killed in WWII, and is a hyper realized observation of a day spent in the life of war. Pulling from the visual narrative of the piece, Murray created works that relate to each sentence of the letter consecutively. Though visually distinct, the works by Murray and Westerbeke share an interest in entropy, pattern, myth, and ritual, as well as a collagist tendency to combine and accumulate images from varied sources. Both artists create works that reveal more upon closer inspection, as nuances and details gradually surface within complex networks of imagery.  

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Image: The spectral mists of dawn shrouded the trees and hung low along the landscape, 2014, Mixed media on paper, 50 x 40 inches / 127 x 101.6 centimeters, Courtesy of Melissa Murray

FolioCue Announces
Limited Edition 
Artist Prints

To Pre-Order Prints

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FolioCue Website

This October, FolioCue unveils its fall portfolio of affordable, limited edition prints produced in collaboration with some of today’s leading artists, including Philip Smith, Sue de Beer, Robert Lazzarini, Jonah Bokaer, Anthony Goicolea, Paula Hayes, Hayal Pozanti, Fernando Mastrangelo, Rachel Rossin, and Mark Weston. Each limited edition print costs $325 with a custom frame of your choice, and at 11 x 14 inches, they are sized perfectly for apartments big and small. Museum-calibre prints by outstanding contemporary artists—from the world renown to the up-and-comers—have never been easier to collect. Each print is sold exclusively through FolioCue, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

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Images: Selection of limited edition prints from FolioCue's fall portfolio, Courtesy of FolioCue


Michelle Hartney's 
Recent Press + How To Support 

Performance Is Alive
Newcity Art
Fine Art Magazine Blog
Les Femmes Folles

The Cool Collections

Support + Buy 

Michelle Hartney's MOTHER'S RIGHT Labor Day performance and installation at the Richard J. Daley Center in Chicago, IL—which received media coverage by Performance Is AliveNewcity ArtFine Art Magazine BlogLes Femmes Folles, and The Cool Collectionsamong others—addressed the United States' high rates of maternal mortality, postpartum PTSD, and obstetric abuse. To support the performance, the artist created a limited edition of framed, 6 x 6 inch tondos featuring the unique silk-screened fabric used throughout the project. Each piece is signed, dated, and numbered in an edition of 10 per color. Hartney also created handmade MOTHER'S RIGHT necklaces by carefully folding a small sheet of sterling silver into nine folds, creating a layered triangle—mimicking the nine folds into which each hospital gown was folded during the MOTHER'S RIGHT performance. All of the proceeds from the sales support future iterations of the project, to be held in art and culture venues in 2016.

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Image: Installation shot of MOTHER'S RIGHT gowns in Michelle Hartney's Chicago studio, Courtesy of Michelle Hartney

AKArt Advisory Curates ABC Family's
Silicon Valley Television Show Startup U

Airing Now on ABC Family TV

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AKArt Advisory curated works for ABC Family's new series Startup U, which premiered this August, by artists Michelle Hartney, Melissa Murray, Michael Tharp, and Allie Pohl. The television show follows a group of entrepreneurial millennials as they embark on a semester at Draper University in Silicon Valley, led by billionaire founder and venture capitalist Tim Draper. 

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Image: Installation view of Startup U at Draper University, Courtesy of Startup U and ABC Family TV

Negar Behbahani + Michelle Hartney + Allie Pohl
Featured in Fjords Review Womens Edition

Available Now

To Download
Fjords Review Womens Edition

Fjords Review released a special Womens Edition—featuring work by Negar Behbahani, Michelle Hartney, and Allie Pohl, among other talented female artists—curated by READ(art)'s Heather Zises. Literary selections for the edition were made by Joanna Demkiewicz, Kaylen Ralph, and Kinzy Janssen. The release was celebrated by making the edition available via download for free.

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Image: Cover of Fjords Review's Womens Edition, Courtesy of Fjords Review


Sean Fader Speaks on ArtsTech Panel at Spotify

Date/s + Time
Thursday, September 24, 7-9:30pm

45 West 18th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Hosted by ArtsTech, Sean Fader took part in 'Art Copyright: Confines in a Digital Space,' a discussion on matters of copyright and the short and long-term implications for digital artists. Among other things, Fader spoke about the experience of having work from his series #wishingpelt appropriated by Richard Prince and included in the New Portraits show at Gagosian, which led Fader to create Backdrop for the Rebirth of the Collective Author (“There’s a Whole Lot of Authorship Going On.” - Richard Prince). In addition to Fader, panelists included art lawyers Judith Prowda and Franklin Boyd, with Kevin McCoy, art technologist and CEO of Monograph, serving as moderator.

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Image: Backdrop for the Rebirth of the Collective Author, 2014, Inkjet print on canvas with selfie stick, 65.77 x 99 inches / 167 x 251.46 centimeters, Courtesy of Sean Fader

Robert Saywitz's Secret Codes Sketchbook
on View at Governors Island

Date/s + Time/s
September 26-27, 11am - 6pm

Governors Island
New York, NY 

To View Online
Secret Codes

The Secret Codes sketchbook by Robert Saywitz has continued its tour with The Sketchbook Project—a crowd-sourced library featuring artists' books contributed by creative people from over 135 countries. Having visited cities around the United States and Canada since May, this September 26 and 27, the final stop was on Governors Island in New York, prior to the book being archived permanently at the Brooklyn Art Library. Saywitz's complete 84-page sketchbook may also be viewed online.

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Image: Pages 35-36 from Secret Codes sketchbook, Courtesy of Robert Saywitz


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