The first issue of Braumeisters Monthly!

Braumeisters Monthly #1

Why this newsletter?

Because I know that not everyone checks in on the forums on a regular base I will be sending out this newsletter about once a month to highlight some topics and keep you up to date with the advancements of the community.
I added every registered forum user to this mailing list, but you can unsubscribe at any moment by clicking the link on the bottom of this page!

A flying start for the community, thanks to YOU!

The forum is almost 1 month old and I can proudly present you some figures: 83 registered users, 84 topic, and 601 posts. In no way we can compare this with established home brewers forums, but these figures exceed my expectations greatly!

Tapatalk support coming!

As you might have read in the Announcements section I'm working on Tapatalk support for our forum. This way everyone with a smartphone or a tablet will be able to browse the forum in a more convenient way. I can't give you a hard deadline, but you can expect to the Tapatalk support to launch during the first weeks of March.

Thanks again for registering and contributing to the forum!

Batz Braumeister
Batz posted a few photos of his rolling setup with some pratical twists in the Show-off section. Check out Batz Braumeister!
I bet everyone is jealous at Gert's home brewery. A modern brewing setup with some shiny equipment in rustic environment.
Looking for inspiration? Want to share your favourite brew? Check out the Present your BM brau! topic or the Recipes section.
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