The second issue of Braumeisters Monthly!

Braumeisters Monthly #2

Braumeisters on steroids

Last month we welcomed our 100th member and the 1000th post was written. Feels good, no? Well, I'm certainly proud and happy to be your servant!

On Monday March 24th we made the switch to a more powerful and feature-rich forum platform. For some members the switch was a bit cumbersome as I managed to screw up the e-mail settings, but I think I'm allowed to say that it went pretty smooth.

The most important improvements for you are:
  • Attachments to posts: You are now able to attach almost any file to a post. The current file limit is 2MB and should be sufficient for most types of attachments. A maximum of 5 attachments per posts is allowed. These limits can be increased when they turn out to be too restrictive.
  • Private messaging: Do you want to have a private conversation with a fellow member? Just send him/her a PM (Private Message) and go bonkers!
  • Tapatalk support: After a long wait you can now finally enjoy the Braumeisters forum on your mobile devices using the Tapatalk app. Simple search in the app for "braumeisters" and our forum will show up.
Enjoy your stay!

Brewing on the Balcony
Paddy brewed his maiden batch with the Braumeister during a sunny day at the balcony. Enjoy his photo report in the Show-off section.
Combined hop filter and dip tube
This combined hop filter and dip tube can be made by any of us with common materials. Thanks to BrauTim for the lengthy description.
Brakspear Tripel
An attempt to clone Brakspear Tripel has been made by cpa4ny. Review his recipe and small report in the Recipes section.
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