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February was another great month for SGWHC. Alyson McGregor, MD, one of our founding board members, performed a brilliant TEDx Talk in Rhode Island, Sex Matters in Emergency Medicine.  It superbly captures our idea of a long-overdue vision for healthcare.  It will be of great interest to our members, and it can also be used to help promote our mission when we speak of SGWHC to others.  This TEDx Talk can also be located on our home page. Please take 15 minutes to listen to this presentation.

While you are on our home page , also check out the hilarious Comedy Central Colbert Report video. This 4-minute commentary focuses on the recent decision of NIH to require that animal research data be stratified and reported according to sex.  Steven Colbert, as always, takes serious data and translates it into humorous, easy to understand language.
Once you are energized with this information, don’t miss the the blog (link) that Dr. McGregor wrote in conjunction with the TED talk. 

Also check out the new articles posted in February. Research done at Penn State suggests that there is a good reason that autism is more common in boys, and Alzheimer’s is more common in women.  They discovered a mutation in a neuroprotein which is designed to protect boys from autism, and enhance memory in women.  The mutation causes a breakdown in these protections, leading to neurologic disease. 

Explore gender differences which associate personality traits with predilection for spicy foods.  Researchers propose that women who like spicy foods like them intrinsically, because they taste better to them; but men eat spicy foods more for the external “machismo” characterization that others bestow on them for enduring the burn.

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Gender effects why we eat spicy food
Why Alzheimer’s is for Women and Autism for Me


Sex and Gender Based Medicine Summit
October 18-19, 2015
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
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