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JUNE 2015


As 2015 progresses, SGWHC has been quite active.


May 15 was the day of the Media Blitz in support of the Research for All Act.  The Blitz was organized with our founding partner, the Society for Women’s Health Research, and Hadassah. The Research 4 All Act, was Re-introduced May 5, 2015 by Rep. Cooper (D-TN) and Loomis (R-WYO). This act would ensure that:

  • Animal research include both sexes when appropriate
  • All drugs expedited by FDA must be tested on both men and women and must show safety in women.

SGWHC wholeheartedly supports passage of this act, and sees it as an important first step in the long trek toward achieving equity in tax-sponsored research.

Learn more about the Research4All Act.


SGWHC Board Chair, Dr. Kim Templeton worked tirelessly at the annual AMA meeting to introduce a resolution with the potential of creating a focus on sex and gender specific medicine, rather than women’s health and men’s health as separate disciplines.  The RESOLVED SECTION of the Resolution is here:


RESOLVED, that future discussion within our AMA of topics labeled as “women’s health” reflect this more accurate and inclusive definition; and be it further 

RESOLVED, that our AMA encourage members to incorporate information regarding the impact of sex and gender into their daily practices. 


The resolution was not passed, but rather was referred to the AMA board for study.  This will require that the board study the pros and cons of sex and gender based medicine. They will come back with a recommendation on the resolution next year.  All of us who believe that we need to infuse sex and gender medicine into the curriculum will be diligently watching this process. 


With the leadership of Dr. Templeton and her work through the AMA Women Physicians Section, SGWHC has submitted a proposal for an educational session at the 2015 Change Med Ed Conference October 1-2.  This conference is designed to “drive the creation of the medical school of the future.”  Among other things, our proposal is focused on “Identifying present and future needs in closing sex and gender gaps in medical education.”  Drs. Templeton, Jenkins, and Werbinski have volunteered to be on the panel for this session, titled: “Moving Past One-Sex Medicine: Developing Medical Education Programs Through a Sex and Gender Lens.” More information about the conference, HERE.


Executive Director, Jan Werbinski was traveling again in May, presenting our cause to a meeting of Verizon women executives.  It’s amazing how gender differences exist throughout our culture – even in corporate America.  


Dr. Marjorie Jenkins, our Vice Chair, will be taking a one year hiatus from the SGWHC board, as she assumes her new role at the FDA Office of Women’s Health. She will be director of medical initiatives and policy advancement there. 


Articles posted this month cover gender differences in cardiovascular medications, stroke presentation, alcoholism, HPV-associated head and neck cancer, and end-of-life care in terminal cancer patients. 

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Sex and Gender Based Medicine Summit
October 18-19, 2015
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
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