Early Learners & Kindergarten
Joyful Learning Matters
At Foothills, our Early Learners (preschool) and Kindergarten classes set students on a path to experience joyful learning! Childhood is respected and children’s work is valued through the opportunity for students to be the initiators of their own learning. 
Play-Based Approach
Foothills students learn how to think for themselves and problem-solve through a play-based approach. We watch them play, document their ideas and conversations, and offer learning extensions based on their particular interests and questions. 
Our EL and K students engage in interesting, challenging project work that starts with their questions about how the world works. Teachers form close relationships with students to allow them to build on students' strengths.
Welcoming Community
We love having new people visit and join our community! Our students, teachers and staff, and parents and guardians welcome new families into the school community and help create a culture of inclusion and belonging from the start. 
Personalized Experience
We care about children as individuals and great thinkers. Because our learning community is small, we can take the time to get to know students well and personalize their education to best meet their learning needs.
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Katy Young
Foothills' Admissions Director
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