Vitix and Viticolor now available in Western Cape
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Vitix & Viticolor by SkinTECH

Treatment for Vitiligo

SkinTECH is pleased to inform you that
Vitix and Viticolor are now stocked by
 Norpharm in the Western Cape.

Vitix  is used for the treatment of vitiligo and
and Viticolor for camouflage of Vitiligo lesions


Vitix Gel

VITIX® gel is an opaque, non-greasy gel, with a slightly granular appearance. 

VITIX® gel has a totally innovative mode of action that re-establishes the physiological balance of free radicals in epidermal cells (melanocytes and keratinocytes).

Its patented active ingredient, (EXTRAMEL®), comprises antioxidants pseudocatalase and superoxide dismutase.

NAPPI Code:  717248001
Viticolor Gel colour corrector


Viticolor is a skin camouflage gel that has been especially formulated with colouring and self tanning agents, to provide immediate as well as long lasting colour to depigmented areas of the skin.

Viticolor gel 's unique combination of pigments facilitates easy application and uniform spread of colour.

NAPPI Code:  717249001

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Entertaining Animated Video on Vitix Gel
Vitix Gel for Vitiligo
Viticolor for Vitiligo
How to apply Vitix

How to apply Vitix

VITIX® gel should be applied once or twice a day to the affected areas. After absorption, a regular skin care cream or makeup may be applied.

VITIX® gel may be used in combination with phototherapy or sun-exposure.
How to apply viticolor

How to apply Viticolor

Apply Viticolor gel in the center of a depigmented area with the special applicator provided (to avoid dying your fingertips),  drawing the product in circles toward the border to avoid any outlines or demarcation. Stay within the vitiligo border in order not to darken the surrounding skin. 

Allow to dry.

After 8 hours, if the resulting colour is too light, reapply until an appropriate colour match is obtained. Subsequently, one to two applications per week are sufficient to maintain the colour.

Caution: May stain clothing.
Beore and after pics

Clinical Studies with Vitix

 Treatment of Vitiligo with Narrow-Band UVB and Topical Gel Containing Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase:

Acta Dermatovenerol Croat 2007;15(1):10-14 
More than 50% repigmentation was noted in 57.9% of patients receiving Vitix Gel and narrow band UVB.
One responder pictured on the left (Figures 1 & 2)

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Tolerance of Vitix® in the Treatment of Vitiligo.
Azerbaijan Medical University, Department of dermatovenerology
13 of 27 patients showed greater than 50% repigmentation when Vitix was combined with sun exposure.

Vitix and Heliotherapy
Gauthier Y– CHU de Bordeaux (France) May-October 2003
In a left right comparative study of 20 patients, more than 50% of patients shown more repigmentation on the Vitix treated side.

Uso terapéutico del Extramel en vitiligo
Departamento de Dermatología, Hospital Militar “Dr. Carlos Arvelo”. Caracas, Venezuela
Of 45 patients treated with Vitix and sun exposure, 60% showed repigmentation (18% complete and 42% partial)
One responder pictured on left (Figures 3 & 4)
Where to obtain Vitix and Viticolor

Where are Vitix and Viticolor available in the Western Cape?

Vitix and Viticolor are available from any pharmacy which has an account with Norpharm - 16 Boulevard Park, Bellville, 7630. Tel: 021 911 2070. Should the pharmacy not have stock of the product, please ask the pharmacist to order it for you from Norpharm.



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