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Welcome to Sound Techniques' September 2014 e-news.
Spring has sprung and more production underway has brought a smile to many clients. I hope you are smiling too.

Rycote has launched the Cyclone, the next generation windshield at IBC.

Sound Techniques has plenty of new products in store along with stock and spares for its popular models.

Who had the oldest functioning sound equipment? For last issue's competition winner click here.

and please remember to vote!

This Month:

Rycote Cyclone
In store now
Rycote solutions for studio, handheld recorders
Pop filter, suspension for studio mics
News: including Stephen visits Christchurch, Dunedin, Oral History Conference
September Specials
In and Out of Sync
Oldest Gear Competition winner
and more..

Cyclone warning

  • Radical new design and shape delivers a new pinnacle in audio transparency,wind noise and handling noise isolation
  • Lightweight, durable construction, designed with materials to withstand extreme field conditions.
  • Featuring 3D-Tex® delivering massive wind noise reduction without needing additional fur coverings
  • Basket Z-Locking design, with magnetic locking, provides instant, one-hand microphone access with automatic, self-aligning basket reassembly
  • Swivel latches provide additional basket security for extreme environments and run-and-gun applications
  • Increased acoustic transparency, and no parallel surfaces to minimise room-tones, provides a clean frequency response
  • All-new, patented Floating-Basket Suspension with Lyre™ technology for reduction of windshield basket handling noise
  • Industry-leading Lyre Microphone Suspension with Universal Lyre webs (19-25mm) includes spares
  • Supplied with ultra-soft, flexible Mogami cable, fitted with gold pin Neutrik XX-series XLR connectors.
  • Output male XLR locked in angled position on lightweight boom adaptor, allowing internal or external pole cables and plug-on transmitters to be attached securely.
  • Compatible with optional Cyclone Windjammer for extreme wind isolation performance
PRE-ORDER now, available from Nov, 2014. Indicative price under $1,000 + GST

Portable Recorders Suspensions and Windjammers

Rycote has a great range of suspensions and windjammers for portable handheld recorders.

Portable Recorder Solutions

A combined Windshield and Suspension solution, the kit contains everything needed to protect a handheld digital recorder from outdoor wind noise, and also to isolate it from unwanted vibrations, whether from handling or stand-borne noise. It is aimed at journalists, film-makers, or anyone using a handheld digital recorder to make professional-quality audio recordings outdoors. It can be used for location soundtracks or outside broadcast, or for simple audio podcasts or outdoor radio reporting.The windjammers reduce wind noise and the suspensions minimise the rumble from hand holding the recorder plus allow attachment to a camera shoe or boom or mic stand. The components are available individually though buying a kit provides the best value.
For specific models see the website

Portable Recorder Suspensions

A new Lyre-based suspension for portable recorders, the suspension offers excellent isolation from vibrations, shocks and handling noise. Featuring the new 1/4" to 3/8" Swivel Adaptor, the suspension fits any portable recorder with a 1/4" female thread. The suspension can then be mounted on a 3/8" male thread, mic stand or boom pole, or be attached to a camera hot shoe.  The 180° swivel allows for easy orientation of the recorder so it can point in the exact direction of the speaker. There are two versions standard and H(eavy) D(uty)

To determine what models you require see Rycote's website

InVision Studio suspensions and Pop Filters

A range of shock mounts and accessories intended for use in studio recording.

The Universal Studio Mount (USM) combines with a new Universal Pop Filter to make a complete vocal microphone suspension and pop filter system that will accommodate virtually any large side address microphone.

Rycote's InVision models 1 to 3, are designed for discreet, low-profile use of compact microphones in broadcast studio environments where windshielding is not required.

What's the oldest working item in your kit?

The winner of $100 store credit is Marcus Wilson of Audio Technical Services with this piece of vintage gear.

"The QUAD 22 preamp installed in the patchbay on my work bench.  It is used every day I work. It uses vacuum tubes as the only amplifying devices!
QUAD 22's were made between 1959 and 1967, I don't know how old my one is.  I purchased it second hand from EMI studios in Wellington in the late '70s or early '80s."

 September Specials

 All ADAM Audio AX series speakers in stock are reduced in price by 15%.
Microphone flags. Coloured mic flags are now $38.15 + GST. Limited stock available. Red, white and blue, 3-sided and 4-sided.
Windtech. All Windtech windscreen products 25% off.
iPower battery special. Buy 4 9v Li-ion rechargeable batteries for $142 + GST (25% discount). Add a 4-bay charger for 1/2 price ($50 + GST)
Spend $1,000 ex GST on a single order and ECONOMY courier is free anywhere in New Zealand
Available until October 31st, 2014, only while stocks last.

Visiting Dunedin and Christchurch next week

Stephen will be in Dunedin and Christchurch next week. He'll have a suitcase full of equipment and is keen to discuss your plans. Do you want to meet up with him? Limited appointments available. Register your interest here
Sound Techniques sponsored the "NZ Best Secondary School Film"  award at Uni Shorts short film festival last weekend
Winner is: St Kentigern College "The Break Up" dir Calvin Sang
Prize - $1000 of sound gear hire from "Sound Techniques", 3 tickets to German Film Festival, 1 pass to Screen Edge Forum 2015.
Congratulations Calvin and colleagues.

Sound Techniques participates in NZ Cinematographers/Soundies evening in Auckland

Sound Techniques supported the NZCS/Soundies Evening held at the Horse and Trap this week. Stephen stressed the importance of sound to the assembled group and participated in a discussion led by David Madigan about time code featuring products from Moze Gear, Ambient and Denecke.

NOHANZ Biennial Conference

Sound Techniques will be present at the biennial National Oral History Association conference this weekend, Sept 20,21. Bring along any recording questions.

In/Out of Sync

In Sync:
Rycote's Cyclone
NZ Live's broadcasting facility
miniature tine code generators
Need rejamming:
No budget for sound

In store now.

K-Tek KSRA1 Stingray bag for Sound Devices 633/Zaxcom Maxx mixers
K-Tek KSRA2 Stingray2 bag for Soud Devices 664/Zaxcom Nomad
K-Tek BLT52 boom case transports and protects poles that collapse to 52-inches and under.  The case has room for more than one boom pole and has a removable, padded nylon pouch for a shock mount and microphone.
Moze Gear TIG Q28 miniature timecode generator reader. "Small but perfectly formed"
RF Venue CP Beam collapsible helical antenna and DFIN diversity fin antenna. Check out this video of the DFIN in extreme conditions

Reasons to be Cheerful

Avalon Studios
Hans Bouter
Claire Bruell
Adam Dransfield
Fraser Satherley
Tony Johnson
Terry King
Peter Kraan
Marshall Day Acoustics Ltd, Daniel Protheroe
Ian Masterton
John McNicholas
MediaWorks TV
New Zealand Racing Board
NZ Broadcasting School, Richard Hansen
Outside Broadcasting Ltd
Radio Waatea
Sky Network Television Ltd
South Pacific Pictures Prod Ltd
Anthony Spear
Te Reo O Taranaki Charitable Trust
Unitec Institute of Technology
University of Canterbury
Sharlotte Williams
Sound Techniques encourages you to "try before you buy".
Rent a piece of equipment and confirm you'd like to own it, within 2 weeks of the rental. Sound Techniques will rebate 1 weeks rental towards the cost of the kit.
Nagra Audio has revised its website and provides a history of portable recorders from clockwork to digital

See the Nagra timeline here

1951 NAGRA First prototype
1952 NAGRA I Clockwork motor Tube electronics
1953 NAGRA II NAGRA I with a modulometer
1955 NAGRA II CI NAGRA II with the first printed circuit boards
1957 NAGRA III DC servo controlled electric motor. Germanium transistors
1960 NAGRA SN Serie Noire (prototype)
1962 NAGRA III NP NAGRA III with NEOPILOT synchronization
1967 “Crevette” Military recorder for torpedoes
1968 NAGRA IV NAGRA IV first recorder to use Silicon transistors
1970 NAGRA SNN Body recorder (before radio microphones)
1971 4.2 Improved version IV
1971 IV-S Version IV Stereophonic
1972 IV-SJ NAGRA IV Instrumentation
1972 SN-S Slow speed half track SN
1973 SN-G Slow speed half track SNN full frequency response
1974 NAGRA IS Light-weight mono broadcast recorder (Idioten Sicher)
1975 NAGRA IS(T) IS two speed
1976 NAGRA-E Economy
1977 NAGRAFAX Facsimile weather chart printer
1977 SNST Stereo SN for security applications
1978 NAGRA TI Twin capstan Instrumentation recorder
1979 NAGRA TRVR Transport Rack-montable Voice Recorder
1981 NAGRA TA Twin Capstan Audio version Studio machine
1983 VPR-5 Video portable recorder (Joint venture Ampex)
1984 IV-STC SMPTE/EBU version of the IV-S
1984 JBR Junior Body Recorder
1985 NAGRA TATC SMPTE/EBU version of the TA
1986 PS-1 Playback System for the JBR recorder
1989 RTU Rotary transport unit (Joint Venture with Honeywell)
1992 NAGRA-D 4 Channel 24bits Digital recorder
1995 ARES-C PCMCIA recorder
1997 ARES-CPP Rack-mount version of the ARES-C
1997 PL-P Pre-amplifier (Lampes Phono) first high-end product
1998 VPA Vacuum tube Power Amplifier
1999 MPA MOSFET solid state Power Amplifier
1999 NAGRA DII High Bit rate version (24/96) of NAGRA-D
1999 SNST-R HiFi version of the SNST (SNST-revival)
2000 ARES-P Pocket version of ARES-C
2000 RCX 220 USB version of ARES-P
2001 PL-L Simplified high-end pre-amplifier (Line inputs only)
2002 NAGRA V HD recorder based on removable hard disk
2003 NAGRA DAC D/A converter for the HiFi enthusiast
2004 ARES-BB On-the-shoulder version of the ARES-PII
2004 ARES-PII Linear replacement for the ARES-P and RCX220
2004 NAGRA V-PP 19″ Rack version of the NAGRA V
2005 ARES-BB+ FAT 32 and 24 bit version of ARES-BB
2005 ARES-M Ultra miniature hand-held recorder
2005 ARES-PII+ FAT 32 and 24 bit version of ARES-PII
2005 PMA Pyramid Mono Amplifier
2005 PSA Pyramid Stereo Amplifier
2006 CD-T / P / C Range of CD players for the high-end range
2007 ARES-MII 2GB version of ARES-M
2007 VPS Phono stage valve pre-amplifier
2008 NAGRA LB Two-track broadcast recorder with communication
2008 NAGRA VI Six channel digital location recorder
2009 ARES-ML Simplified version of the ARES-MII
2011 Nagra-SD Hand-held recorder with extractable media
2012 Nagra-JAZZ Tube preamplifier
2012 Nagra-LINO Hand-held digital audio recorder
2012 Nagra-PICO Ultra-miniature hand-held digital recorder corner
2013 Nagra Seven two-channel digital recorder
2014 Nagra HD-DAC super high-definition digital to analog converter
Soundfondue is up and running. Check out the range of products and offers changing weekly. Range includes selected Beachtek adaptors, ADAM Audio monitors and more

FlexiRent will finance new kit for you over 12-48 month periods.

When the big job comes in and you need new gear but are strapped for cash. Sound Techniques can organise finance through a FlexiRent Operating Lease or Lease to Own plan. With an operating lease all payments are fully tax deductible and you can replace the gear after 3 years.

Try out the FlexiRent online calculator to work out the payments.

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Terms of trade
Sound Techniques terms of trade have been revised recently. The full version is available here
Our principal terms of trade are:
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4.     All overdue invoices bear interest at 20% per annum (or maximum allowed by law) on unpaid balance. There is also a $30 returned payment fee for any declined cheques/automatic withdrawals.
5.     In the event of default of payment when due, all costs of collection, including legal fees and court costs, shall be paid by the debtor.
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"we listen and give sound advice"

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Stephen, Scott and Diana at Sound Techniques

Last words:

"I’ll go so far as to say: if you’re shooting your first movie or short, find the best audio workflow possible and allocate a budget for it. Spend whatever is left on your camera. "

Sareesh Sudhakaran
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