January news and events on the Two Little Girls campaign and the fight against trafficking in human beings
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TWO Little girls campaign

E-newsletter January 2014

Campaign Highlights and News on Trafficking

Two Little Girls is a three minute animated film spearheading an anti sex-trafficking campaign in 13 East European countries that began in January 2009 and will continue into 2014. The aim of the campaign is to warn young women of the dangers of being persuaded to travel abroad with false promises of employment, only to find themselves sold into prostitution, consequently enduring years of untold cruelty. This campaign acts both as a powerful and accessible tool for the prevention of trafficking, as well as for increasing public awareness about this very complex and challenging subject. Visit Two Little Girls at

Transnistria Campaign Highlights

Transnistria remains a territory with specific post-soviet features: extreme poverty, high levels of unemployment, low levels of education (especially in the countryside), widespread cases of domestic violence and abuse, and social and political uncertainty. These features combined with illegal migration flowing into and through Transnistria contribute to favourable conditions for human trafficking. Two Little Girls is pleased to showcase some of the successes from the campaign in Transnistria managed by our partner NGO Interaction. The TLG film has been screened 1400 times at cinemas in Tiraspol and Bender since July 2013 with an estimated audience viewing figure of 125,000 people. The campaign alongside NGO Interaction's hotline has been advertised through billboards in the city centres of Ribnita and Dubosari since August 2013. The TLG education campaign materials have been disseminated by NGO Interaction's team of volunteer peer educators, who have so far run workshops with 150 young people. The team is now conducting workshops in orphanages, reaching some of the most vulnerable young people to trafficking. To learn more about NGO Interaction and to view the film and specially produced film trailers please visit the website page here

UK: Modern Slavery Bill

In December 2013, the Modern Slavery Bill Evidence Review released its report. After a consultation process with NGOs, campaigners, frontline professionals, international experts and victims of modern slavery, the review panel has set out a blueprint for a new Modern Slavery Bill. The Bill will introduce legislation to expose the hidden crime of slavery, bring more perpetrators to justice, and protect and support victims. There is real potential that the coming months will be the starting point for great change in the UK's response to Modern Day Slavery. However, the bill is not without controversy and has been criticized for using confused definitions, disproportionately focusing on prosecution rather than victim assistance, and for creating an Anti-Slavery Commissioner whose resources and activities would be controlled by the Home Secretary. There are debates and events taking place to inform, challenge and engage the public, trafficking charities and organisations, the police, and government ministers in dialogue at this crucial time.  An important discussion will take place about the Bill hosted by STOP THE TRAFFIK (see details below). This is an opportunity to ask questions, challenge conclusions and debate. In the meantime, the bill can be downloaded here alongside other important supporting documents. 
EVENT: Ending Modern Day Slavery: Has the proposed bill got teeth?
Wednesday January 29th 2014 at 19:30 at The Oasis Centre, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London.

UK: Major Success for Human Trafficking

Gang guilty of trafficking 50 women for sexual exploitation in the UK
Five members of a prostitution racket, which flew more than 50 young women into the UK from Hungary and set them up in airport hotels, student accommodation and suburban homes, have been convicted of conspiring to traffic people into the UK for sexual exploitation. For the full feature visit here

Film of the Month

The January film of the month 'Italy's Shocking Underground Trade in Female Sex Slaves', made by Journeyman Pictures, shines a light on the Sex-Trafficking issue in Italy. In a 2013 UN report, an expert on human trafficking has called on Italy to do more to confront the problem. Italy's geographical location and long coastline make it particularly vulnerable to people smugglers, and the country is both a destination for trafficking victims and a transit point for onward trafficking of victims from Eastern Europe and Africa. To watch the film please follow this link


2014 TIP Report 

The U.S. Department of State has requested information to assist in reporting on the degree to which the the United States and foreign governments comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in persons as prescribed by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. The information will be used to produce the 2014 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report. Information must be submitted by 5pm on 30th January. For more information, click here.  

TLG Website Resources and News

Do you have a news item or event relating to trafficking that you would like us to feature for you on the news section of the TLG website? If so please email and we will either circulate the information in one of our e-newsletters, share it through our social media channels or feature it on the website. Likewise if you have reports and other resources that relate to human trafficking, we can add them to our growing collection of publications, reports and multimedia. Please visit the resources section of the website for more information.