Work was your life; work was a pay cheque; you are feeling lost in life. If any of these statements resonate for you, read on. This issue of the Next in Life newsletter looks at how two men, one who lived to work and the other who worked to live, got physically active as a gateway to taking control of their lives. Might that be your first step to uncover a purposeful life?

In the Media

What does it feel like to unearth your purpose? My story, Navigating Towards a Life with Purpose, is in this month’s issue of INSPIRED 55+ Lifestyle Magazine. Also available on stands throughout the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.

And then there is cycling with purpose. The Globe and Mail’s Paul Waldie featured the Victoria Grandmothers for Africa 2020 Cycle Tour to which Lisbie Rae referred to in her purpose article.

Rediscovering Yourself in Retirement — Tom’s story 

Tom didn’t expect to struggle with the free time of retirement. Never into his work, retirement meant he could do whatever he wanted. It didn’t quite unfold that way.

Tom started retirement buying a large computer screen for editing the photos he enjoyed taking. Long hours manipulating pictures was creative yet a solitary pursuit that left him feeling lost. Riding dirt bikes or snowmobiling with buddies was lots of fun yet had its downside. Recovering from hangovers after guys’ outings and seeing that his chums had wives and lives gave Tom pause. Then Tom threw himself into a passion project that built on his interest in engines. He learned lots yet was still quite isolated and now was no longer the physically active guy he had been most of his life.

And then Tom read Younger Next Year: Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, Sexy and Smart — Until You're 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge. Once in his hands, he couldn’t get enough of it. He adopted their advice, and a daily exercise routine was born. A year later, Tom is still figuring out his purpose however he’s now energetic and motivated to look at retirement as a time to learn and grow, not just rest and relax. You can read more about Tom’s journey to self-discovery here.

Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life

If work was your life and all options are now on the table for your future self, where do you begin? The simple framework of Square One by Joseph C. Maroon with Carrie Kennedy offers an accessible starting point for self-assessment.

Dr. Joseph Maroon recounts his singular focus on his neurosurgical practice leading to the collapse of his marriage, the demise of his physical health and an absence from a spiritual life. Maroon uses his own story and others to walk readers through the Square One framework.

The framework is about looking at four elements — our bodies (the physical side), our souls (the spiritual side), our brains (our work side or what engages you), and our hearts (the relationship side) — and ensuring fulfilment with the inclusion of humour, creativity and flow moments in our lives. Whereas a balanced life looks like a square — each element representing one side — Maroon’s life looked like a ladle — a long handle of work and a tiny square at the end. What does yours look like?

Like Tom, Maroon started with his physical health by chance later acknowledging that prioritizing his health was the first step in reimagining a new life for himself. Stories of people from different walks of life demonstrate that any one of the four sides of their square can be a starting point for rebalancing. Maroon provides practical ideas for lengthening and strengthening each element of the framework. And like Next in Life, he urges readers to live a purposeful life, discovering your why, and uncover your values — when ready. You can read the complete review of Square One here.

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