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Update #3


Important Info:

On Monday (February 16th, 2015) the pre-order pricing discount will no longer be available. The machine will still be available for pre-order, but at it's full retail price of $999. So, if you are going to pre-order a machine and you want to save $100, get your orders in before Monday!

Pre-Order Now!

The Build Continues!

In early January we made the decision to make the formed front and rear plates a standard part of the machine, which essentially meant that we needed to start our build over. As long as we were making a revision, we went ahead and fixed some minor things on the motor mount plates, and included the new belt fastener mounts on the front/rear plates while we were at it. 

Everything was delivered about a week ago, and it turned out really nice! The parts in the picture are raw steel, but the final parts will be powder coated with a nice black finish. 
One of our favorite parts of the new design is the base frame assembly. You can see that it consists of two formed plates (front and back) along with 4 pieces that interlock to create a super rigid base for the machine. 

What's Next?

The rest of the extrusions are being delivered, and all of the laser cut pieces are in the process of being produced now. And we have confirmation dates from all of our vendors, save for one.

Speaking of that vendor - remember last time when I said we had a big surprise for you? Well, we still have a big surprise for you, but we're not ready to share it yet. All I can say is that the machine got an upgrade, and everyone is going to be really happy about it.

Once we get the confirmation date from that vendor, we'll share the surprise. 

Until then.

-Edward, Rob, Jorge, Apollo

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