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Dear Friends,

Can you believe it? Today is publication day for THE GLASS WIVES thanks to St. Martin's Griffin! If you've pre-ordered for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPhone, or iPad, take a peek! I bet you can start reading right now.  If you've pre-ordered from Amazon, B&N, or any other online bookseller, you could receive your copy of THE GLASS WIVES as early as today. Did you know THE GLASS WIVES is also available as an audiobook as CDs or an mp3? Just check your favorite audiobook site! 

If you're a brick-and-mortar shopper, you're in luck (and so am I)!  THE GLASS WIVES is available at independent book stores, your neighborhood Target, and Barnes & Noble stores!

Thank you for all the support you've given me and the faith you've had in this book I now share with all of you. And, please feel free to share this email with anyone (hint: everyone) you think would be interested in THE GLASS WIVES. There's a forward button below. 

Many thanks—and happy reading! 

Amy xo
So, you've bought or borrowed THE GLASS WIVES (thank you!!), read the book (or are about to—thanks again!), and now you want to know what you can do in your own corner of the world to help an author—let's say—a debut author like me?
Here are a few hints that will really make a difference!
  1. Talk about the book.  That's right, even in the age of cyber and techno everything, word of mouth sells books. Tell a few friends, the person behind you in the grocery store line, your hairdresser, your Aunt Matilda in Des Moines. If you think they would enjoy THE GLASS WIVES, let them know. People can't buy a book they don't know about!  
  2. Read in public.  Aren't you curious when you see someone in a coffee shop, in an airport, on a bus, or in the park reading? So is everyone else. If you have the paper book, carry it with you.   
  3. Ask about it.  Even if you know exactly where to find a book in a store, ask the bookseller. The more people who ask, the more the bookseller will know readers are interested.  And this goes for libraries too! Ask your favorite librarian if your library is carrying THE GLASS WIVES. If not, they can order it for you! 
  4. Speak your piece.  Reviews are the new black. Did you know you can leave a review on Amazon even if you didn't buy THE GLASS WIVES on Amazon? Did you know that those reviews are really important?  And, you can cut and paste the same original review for Goodreads, B&N, and any bookseller site that allows reviews.  It not only helps other readers, but it shows the seller and publisher that the book got you thinking!  
If you'd like to know more about THE GLASS WIVES, you can check out my website here: If someone has kindly forwarded you this newsletter, then you have an awesome friend! And, you can sign up to receive it yourself.  In addition to the website, there are interviews and reviews online. You can read about adding culture to fiction on Writer Unboxed. Can you believe there were people who wanted me to remove rugelach from THE GLASS WIVES?  There's an interview by author Renee Swindle where she asks me about chocolate and TV, and an interview by author Laura Harrington on Beyond The Margins. On Huffington Post Healthy Living I write about dreams vs. goals and why I don't have a bucket list. Goodreads reviews are coming in steadily, and now that THE GLASS WIVES is published, there should be more reviews shortly. 

For the latest book news you can *like* my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. If you're in the Chicagoland area, check out my events page!  Have you tried Pinterest? Readers of THE GLASS WIVES are adding their own creative "Cover Reenactments." I hope you'll add yours (and if you're not on Pinterest, just email it to me). 

On Thursday, May 16th, New York Times bestselling author of THE WEIRD SISTERS, Eleanor Brown, turns the tables by interviewing me on my blog, Women's Fiction Writers. I've interviewed and featured over 125 women's fiction authors on WFW since March 2011. I hope you'll stop by on Thursday and add a question of your own!
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