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The OFISHal Fish Committee

If you come by campus on a Tuesday during lunch you will likely see a group of students huddled around the front desk, holding test tubes and taking down precise measurements. These girls are the Ofishal Fish Committee, one of SGS’s newest Student Interest Groups (or SIGs).  

The Ofishal Fish Committee all started when a group of students became increasingly interested in our Registrar’s 180-gallon saltwater fish tank. As an active member of the Seattle saltwater tank community, Katya expressed that she wanted to support our student’s interest in science and the environment by maintaining a saltwater tank at SGS. Oceans by Design owner, Mike, and employee, Jeff, are supporting the project by stocking and helping to maintain a 14-gallon tank. After securing a lifetime fish food sponsorship from Hikari, the Ofishal Fish Committee was underway.

All of the SIGs at SGS have their own schedules. For the Fish Committee, Tuesdays are for monitoring chemical levels and cleaning the tank. Thursdays are for learning about the creatures and environment inside the tank. Students in this SIG take the chemistry and biology of their fish tank very seriously, and are committed to learning while also having fun.

The Ofishal Fish Committee

In addition to the Ofishal Fish Committee, SGS hosts SIGs that cover a wide array of interests including knitting, clay sculpting, gardening, gymnastics, drawing, and computer skills. The diversity of SIGs represents the diversity of our student body, who are the impetus for creating a new group. If a student wants to start their own interest group, they first poll their classmates during community meeting, then find a teacher or staff member to sponsor their group and activities.

Do all of these groups sound a little exhausting? Running from lunch to drawing, and then out to the garden the next day? Luckily, there is a SIG to address that, too! Erica, one of our 7th grade faculty members, sponsors Brain Break, a group that meets once a week during park trip (daily outdoor playtime after lunch). During Brain Break, students have the opportunity to pause, silently lounge, and take a break from all of the exciting things SGS has to offer them.

CAP Meeting - This Friday

All SGS parents and guardians are invited to join us for the April CAP meeting this Friday, April 10, from 8:30-9:30 AM at the Singh House. You will find the agenda for the meeting on our CAP page here »

Want to be involved in CAP, but can’t make the meeting time? We still need you! Please address any thoughts and questions about the agenda to Lisa Podell at or Tina Woods at

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