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It Takes a Village

Where to go to get answers to your questions

by Rafael del Castillo, Head of Seattle Girls' School

Dear Families,

Happy 2015! Here at SGS, we believe it takes a village to support the growth and development of each girl. I want to take a moment to share the resources available to you to communicate with and stay connected to SGS and the members of that village.
So what does the communications landscape look like at SGS, and to whom should you direct your questions?
The first virtual spot to visit is the Parent-Guardian Resource Page on our website. Did you know that links to everything a family might need are located on this page? From the hot lunch to ORCAS access for pick-up permissions and narratives to a link to the CAP (Community Association of Parents) page, this is the place to start for general inquiries.
What if you have a question or concern about your daughter, the grade-level program, or the school?
Start with your daughter’s advisor. Having an adult advocate for your child provides a direct link to the home through Learning Team Meetings, end-of-term narratives, and occasional direct emails. Of course, if your question is for a particular teacher, send your inquiry directly to her or him - and cc-ing the advisor is always a good idea!
Do you have a broader question about academics? Contact Barbara Frailey, our Chief Academic Officer and Assistant Head of School. Do you have a question about the social-emotional well-being of your daughter? Contact Dede Johnson, our Dean of Student Life.  She provides a direct link to our mental health partners. Ms. Dede and Barbara work closely together to make sure our mantra of “relationship before learning” is alive and well within each student.
Do you have a question that touches on the heart of our mission, or advancing that mission through time, treasure, or talent? Contact me! The best way to get on my calendar is going through Katya, at the front desk. A small school environment allows us to know and “see” each child and each family so don’t hesitate to schedule a coffee with me if you're feeling a bit disconnected.
Did you know that your daughter's village extends beyond her classroom teachers, advisors, and administrators? Our CFO, Maryann Nelson, manages the Business Office where we are prepared to answer any and all questions regarding tuition, fees, and financial aid. Our Advancement Office is led by Christine Lessard, who manages a Team that includes our Director of Communications, Leslie McDaniel, and Colleen Tremaine-Nelson, who serves as our Director of Enrollment Management. We have a Technology Director, John Howe, who maintains our connected and tech-rich campus for students and staff alike. Check out the full “village behind the village” that supports our talented Faculty as they support your daughters -
Your role is key as members of the village! You are the expert when it comes to YOUR child; and we are experts when it comes to middle school girls. Together, we can forge a great partnership to help your daughter become her very best self.  
SHE is at the center of teaching and learning at SGS.



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