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Enroll now in the College of Brewological Sciences! Mingle with fellow CBS alumni. Enjoy drinks, food and fun February 24 at Bauhaus Brew Labs in NE Mpls. Register now!
The college is marking a milestone in 2015: Our 50th anniversary! What are your best memories of the College of Biological Sciences? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram #cbs50 @umncbs!
Dr. Valery Forbes named dean of the college. Read the announcement.

Food for thought

A new study by David Tilman shows that healthier food choices are linked to a healthier environment. read

Adding to the audio family tree

Mark Bee recorded the calls of newly discovered species of bush frogs in India’s Western Ghats Mountains. read

Mark your calendar!

Be part of a curiosity-driven community. Join us for these upcoming events:
  • FEB 17: Café Scientifique: The Power of Poisons  Join us at Bryant Lake Bowl for an entertaining and enlightening talk by Bell Museum curator Sharon Jansa. details
  • FEB 21: Misunderstood Molds, Fantastic Fungi and Sensitive Lichens  Spend "Saturday With a Scientist" at the Bell Museum learning about molds, fungi and lichens with Ecology, Evolution and Behavior's Aaron David and Daniel Stanton. details
  • FEB 24: College of Brewological Sciences @ Bauhaus Brew Labs  Hang out with fellow CBS alums and enjoy beer, food and fun. register
  • MARCH 2: SciSpark 2015  More than a dozen CBS researchers will talk about their science in 5-minute bursts in conjunction with International Women's Day! details

Sleeping Beauty, back in business

After 13 million years, the Sleeping Beauty transposon wakes up to a bright future in cancer immunotherapy. read

Censoring (bacterial) speech

Blocking bacterial communication could reduce infection severity according to a new study by Mikael Elias. read
In the news ... David Tilman receives international recognition for demonstrating the value of biodiversity // Michael Smanski receives Damon Runyon cancer research award for promising approach // Marlene Zuk selected for E.O. Wilson Naturalist Award // CBS undergraduate Max Shinn named Churchill Scholar
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