A Renewed Sense of Purpose for Buttons

I want to share a sweet story of healing and hope that I feel honored to have been a part of recently. 

Teri’s mother had recently passed and she was in charge of clearing out her mom’s place. What’s more, Teri had inherited her mom’s dog, Buttons; a senior female Shi Tzu.

Buttons was having a hard time; she had low energy, wasn’t eating well, and seemed generally unhappy. Having received Reiki sessions with me when her mom was sick, Teri inquired about an Animal Reiki session for Buttons.

When I saw Buttons, I found out that she was grieving not only the loss of her caregiver, but also her home and life’s purpose. You see, Buttons' main purpose in life was caring for and protecting Teri’s mother.

Animal Reiki sessions, done remotely so Buttons could remain in her own environment, resulted in increased energy and better moods for Buttons... but here was still something missing. So I did several combined sessions with Teri and Buttons, to harmonize their relationship and support their developing bond.

Fast forward- Teri and Buttons are doing well, and Buttons has a newfound purpose in caring for and protecting Teri. In fact, she barks at anyone new who comes to the door or approaches Teri (which is a really good sign)!

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