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Winter 2015-2016

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This quarters successful client, Ron Angell

I feel really privileged to have known Ron since the late 80’s – one of the first years I was in business. I am truly impressed with all he has accomplished since then!!! His 4 children are all grown, one in the military, and all doing well in good jobs they love. He has beautiful grandchildren as well. Great kids are in my opinion, a huge achievement! His career in engineering has blossomed as well. He’s been laid off a few times – especially during the recession, but has managed to come out on top! It took a few months of hard work, but now he’s got a job he loves as a project supervisor. The part that impresses me the most though is how he has handled the toughest challenge of all: taking care of his wife, Shelly. He spent the time needed to give her top of the line care, and it was a journey - 6 years of caregiving before she passed away at the end of October. He has been a model example of persistence when the chips are down, and coming out on top! In the backdrop of the awesome family values and the responsibility of it all, he’s always made choices to save, and take care of his family! He’s done a beautiful job of organizing everything, and continues to move forward with an incredibly positive attitude. Congratulations, Ron, all your wonderful achievements, and thanks so much for the opportunity to serve!!!

A Revolutionary way to think about your financial situation:

Much of the advice given around your finances includes some of the same old tired rules – cut your expenses, figure out how to save more, be willing to live on less, and stay out of debt. While all of the above is certainly sound advice, it doesn’t make a person feel really abundant, or like they’re here to enjoy life! How about if we turn this around, and put the focus on the many ways there are to expand your income! We all have special talents to give, and we’re generally drawn to the things we love to do, and when we’re doing what we love, we’re happiest, healthiest, and most productive! If you had a whole month with no restrictions what would you spend your time on? Is it possible you could turn that into something that helps others, and in turn, makes you money??? Think about it – people have needs, and always want ways to make life easier and brighter. Perhaps your individual talents are worth money, and maybe tapping into your talents to increase earning is the better way to address your financial issues. Example: Mark Zuckerberg – a young man who loved the internet!
Happy New Year – wishing you the very best of everything!
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Market Commentary

What can be said about a market that is this resilient??? August and September were terrible months in the market – down from their highs as much as 12%. Then October was the best month we’ve had in 4 years! So, for those of you that get my quarterlies, you can add a nice chunk to the bottom line! We’ve had a significant rash of bad news lately – the terrorist attack in France, the Russian fighter jet shot down by Turkey, reports that consumer confidence is tumbling and the tired and worn out topic of an interest rate hike by the fed. Wouldn’t you think most of the gains from October would have been wiped out??? My theory is that it’s business as usual – people want their stuff, they need medical care, want to vacation, and drive to and from work in the latest hybrid and – all of this from the comfort of a warm McMansion. No matter how bad things get, it takes people to make the stuff of a comfortable life! Until that changes, we still will have growth. Remember, patience is a key ingredient of successful investing!

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