Wehner’s Wisdom
Fall 2014

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This Quarters Successful Client, The Betting Family – Cindy Rae, Tom, Lukas, and Jackson

This family’s story is truly a bittersweet example of courage, love, top notch values, and putting the money in perspective. I first met Cindy in the late 1980’s, before she married Tom.  Both had a lot in common -- an incredible talent for the arts! Cindy, a professional makeup artist, made color, style, and image look easy, and oh so gorgeous! Tom’s talent came more from the creative advertising area, with oh so many cute commercials for his former employer, Best Buy. Over the years, these two had two terrific sons: Lukas and Jackson. Education funding has been a major financial focus for them, and now Lukas, the oldest, is in biomedical engineering. He graduates in 2 years!!! (Since I knew them both before he was born, I am totally aware of how young I’m getting.) They have always taken the high road financially, made wise choices, and it paid off. After the decision was made to amicably separate in 2012, another even more difficult challenge -- Cindy Rae was diagnosed with cancer in June of this year, and she passed away August 29. We will miss Cindy Rae’s smile, determination and beauty, inside and out! I’m so grateful for the wonderful times with Cindy Rae and for the opportunity to know and serve this incredible family, and as always, I’ll be there to help in any way I can with their financial decisions.

Active or Passive Management?

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about the fees for fund managers – do they add value or don’t they? Is it worth it to pay around 1% of the value of your fund for the professional management? I thought it might be worth to share a couple of thoughts on this topic. Some pundits have been saying never pay the fee. I use the words never and always with caution because there is rarely a situation in any part of life that is black and white, especially when analyzing your investments. There are times when it’s worth it because you the owner of the fund winds up with higher returns. On the other hand, if you can have the same exact return and pay much, much less, it makes sense because you keep more of your money. It’s important to analyze the fee in relation to the return and compare. Doing this is of course part of the service I provide for you. If you’re ever wondering about where your portfolio stands, I’d be happy to talk about it with you.

A Small bit of homework I hope you like

As most of you know, I’m passionate about helping others improve major parts of their lives. That’s where the money part comes from. To that end, I’m going to ask for your help. I want people to be absolutely delighted, not just happy with the services I provide. Feedback from you will help me get better and bring my clients from happy to delighted with my services. Any suggestions or thoughts you may have, I’d really appreciate it! No I won’t be the 10th one to ask you to fill out some survey - cant’ stand those things! Just send me an email or call if you can think of something I can do to move you from happy to delighted!

The season is changing and so is the economy

Economic cycles are a part of life, and we all know this, but, where are we in the cycle? Economist use many, many different indicators, and tons of data to try to predict the future - and they are wrong a good chunk of the time. We’ve had a great run up in the last five years, and more than I ever expected which is awesome, but I also know that at some point we will see some sort of decline – if nothing else the market is taking a break. Currently, I think the downturn we’ve experienced in the last couple weeks is a combination of the market taking a break, worry around the unrest in the Middle East and the Russian sanctions. When you look at the numbers from the agencies that gather the data fundamentals, such as manufacturing, job growth, and consumer sentiment remain positive. Whenever you’re concerned or wondering if a change is needed, please let’s discuss.
Remember, I’d love to see you --- otherwise have an awesome year end.
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